Tuesday, April 11, 2017

{ Spring Cottage Fireplace Update & New Pieces.. }

Hi, guys!!! What a day today {Tuesday} was...yikes!!! Seems like one thing after another, but trying to stay positive I mean look around at the life most of us live...Very nice, right?! Sometimes my little OCD loving heart needs to take a step back & just let things be a little chaotic instead of everything always in its place..perfection ruins things & I need to learn this. I think I've always been like this even as a child, yet also a free spirit always doing what others weren't etc..This leads me to today's post on our little chippy cottagey fireplace upstairs..I shopped with my mom this weekend & picked up some new goodies 2 of them being these vintage inspired wooden pallet stools from @homegoods!! I had seen them before,but skipped on them..My mom was drawn to them right away so I thought why not for the upper living room for foot rest for each of us & then the new sleeker coffee table HERE & I'd love it...Ya, not so much! I got them home & they didn't fit the space at all, but then my mom & I almost at the exact same time looked at the fireplace ..We placed them next to it & I wasn't loving them, but they were great fillers & can be used in lots of areas in the house/outside..so I kept them- for now ha! Come see the fireplace mantel simplified & these vintage crates that weren't perfect for one space, but are for another! P.S. see what I did there hahaha..jk, but I am trying on not always having things perfect etc.. Anyways come have a sneak peek at this work in progress space!

You can actually see in this pic I have them laying down next to the side of the fireplace. I actually prefer this way as I shared on my IG , but I haven't found the right items to style like that, so today I'm sharing this way which I like also! They give the fireplace some added dimension without being overpowering & I loved the rustic pallet wood look! Maybe I'll paint them white...opinions welcomed!

The greenery is from @ikea!

Since the wood pallets give the fireplace so much added charm I wanted to go super simple yet still farmhousy, so I added some glass mason jars I already had & stuck some greenery in them. The weathered wood & burlap flower buckets are from ATHOME Stores!

I love these antique table legs paired with them..& bonus these have special meaning to me as they were from my grandparents 100 year old table I salvaged. 

**So now that you had a little sneak peek..Which way would you style these rustic wood pallets? Flat next to the fireplace for stacked like the above picture? Should  I paint them white..?

Happy Wednesday!!

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