Sunday, January 24, 2016

{ Simple Valentine Decor for the Kitchen! }

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great weekend!!! We had a pretty relaxed weekend { that's rare for us } & it felt pretty good! Though it was super chilly , it was also really sunny & an all round simple/ fun weekend! We tooled around to some local junkin spots, shopped a little & indulged in some sweets! While we were out it got me to thinking that Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away..I can't say I'm not excited for February to get here though haha. February & I have a love/hate relationship if we're keeping it real..It's a great month because It's my lovely husband's birthday, Valentine's day & a short month that sweeps right into March which is vacation month!! It also however is the month we lost our beloved bunny of 8 years last year.. See mixed feelings! If you've been following TQS for sometime now you'd know that I'm not one to decorate for the smaller holidays etc..It's just not my thing & I'm not into having pink & red hearts splattered all over my house eek ha. This year I thought I'd go with something simple in the kitchen opposed to decorating the mantel. I picked up some stuff from the dollar section +Target  & added some simple things  I had around the house. 

I picked up these little rustic paper bags from +IKEA USA  a few months ago. They were only a few bucks for a stack & I loved the look of them, but wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them... I just rolled the tops down & placed the mini pine trees in them. I added the red heart stickers to the fronts. The stickers are from Dollar Tree I believe?!

** Both towels are from Target!

I mean who doesn't like to wake up to some coffee, chocolate kisses & a little note? :) You guys know I had to add some straws in there too..If you don't know this about me I drink just about everything from a straw! I hate stuff touching my teeth..random I know. I just found out straws are supposed to cause wrinkles...AHH soo wrinkles or stained teeth? Hmmm hahaha 

I had the "love" sign from way back when & thought it was simple & appropriate to use here. The mason jars I had & the  M & P candles are from +Target  long ago!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little Valentine post! Short , simple & hopefully LOTS of sweets coming your way haha! Happy rest of the week guys! P.S. I'm hoping to finish a project up tomorrow for Tuesday's post..Super cute something I picked up while junkin this weekend!!