Sunday, February 23, 2014

{My Shopping Cart}

Hey, ladies & of course gents! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!
 I thought I'd share where I tend to shop for Home Decor,Home Improvements, or any other items for the home. I get asked a lot "Where did you get that"? Well, truth is I shop ALL over. I'm not one to stick with one place or brand per-say. When I get a notion in my head ,or I'm looking for something specific for projects, I search all different areas including local,online,chains, independent,thrift & so on. Prime example of how I search for a specific item, my last post I stated I was looking for a  { Bread Box} well easier said than done! Bread boxes aren't necessarily a 'hot' item these days therefor it's been a challenge. I've tried a few quick places like +Target , and no luck. I'm now onto some online stores that specialize in unique or vintage goods. It really all depends on what type of style of goods you're looking for. Most of the time I'm not into trendy I may look at five places before I jump on something. I like a deal just as much as the next,but sometimes to achieve a 'look' you've got to spend a bit more or look a bit harder.  I'll post the links below of some of my favorite places to look & shop. Enjoy!

Note: Some of the places on this list, are better physically visited ,rather than online shopping. I'll highlight the sites that are better viewed in person .

As you can see my list is ALL over the spectrum! Some of these may sound weird or not flattering in the case of home decorating, such as Cracker Barrel  ! This is actually NOT true. Cracker Barrel has some great items & most are very limited or one of a kind. I actually purchased a hand dipped cinnabon candle & wanted to purchase a three piece vintage chic canister set ( Sold Out) ..I know I was bummed. So it's random places like this I look for my home goods. I also do love places like Target as well for easy access or basic items. Home Improvement shops such as Home Depot are great for larger items like rugs & lighting. For vintage items or items that you want to be unique or on the cheap for DIY , places like Salvation Army are great! These are just some of the places I like to frequent. If you have any places you shop for decor PLEASE SHARE I'm always looking for new inspiration :).