Thursday, April 23, 2015

{ Homemade Chamomile - Chai Tea }

It looks though as the cold weather is back..yay! Totally being sarcastic & actually a bit annoyed with this northern weather these last few days.. Not only have I had a cold most likely from the weather change, but it's back in the 30's & 40's AFTER we started spring decorating the front & back..ha-ha always happens! I'm going to credit my lovely father for jinxing us while we were putting the finishing touches on the patio. We'll call him " John" for the sake of this post , but as we were finishing some little touches on the patio my lovely father " John" says ' You better not put all this stuff out, it's April & it's going to snow'! I quickly snapped & said Oh, dad come on it's the end of April & 60 degrees out..he laughed and said you'll see....well yesterday SNOWFLAKES . WERE . FALLING...Thanks, DAD !!! With this cold weather means back to drinking delicious warm beverages & this one is a favorite in our home { other then of course hot chocolate & occasionally coffee }! 

. Recipe .

. 1 Spiced Chai tea bag
. 2 Chamomile tea bag
. 2% milk- 3 tablespoons
. Sugar -1 tablespoon
. Honey- 2 teaspoons
. Cinnamon- couple sprinkles
. Vanilla Extract { Optional } - Just a splash

Heat up some hot water for 2 minutes & steep the tea bags for a few minutes! Add the honey and sugar first! Then the milk & cinnamon , stir & enjoy this delicious tea treat! 

Have a great weekend everyone & BRING SPRING hehe!