Wednesday, January 20, 2021

{ Cozy Winter TV Cabinet }

 Well hello my pals! Sorry I've been a bit sporadic on here, we've been super busy getting the laundry room back in order after the mini reno! It's finally ready to be blogged, but first I wanted to share this winter cabinet with you all...It's one of most favorite thrifty furniture finds & I love styling it for different seasons..Our winter has been horrendous with lots of slushy muddy misty mess, but recently has gotten prettier with a light blanket of fresh snow & very frigid! I got inspired by the pretty day & a bunch of baskets...It's been a new love lately...Anyways come take a peek below!

Something has come over me & I'm loving spaces with lots of neutrals, less greenery & more authentic warm deep toned treasures! This view is a new favorite..Love the antique white paned glass from the linen closet & cabinet together!


I found this old rusty candlestick holder in my treasure pile & just added some chunky tapered mini white candlesticks!


The brown mini flocked trees paired with the baskets & lanterns were all this space really needed!


••You can see more of this thrifty framed TV HERE


These little wicker lanterns were a gift from my mom & the simple white candles I  had fit perfectly. This cabinet does light up, but the candles look so cozy during a winter night!

 HAPPY Wednesday!

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