Friday, June 26, 2015

{ DIY Weathered Wood Angel Sign ! }

I'm sure everyone has those days where everything either irritates you or makes you  sad right?! Ya, well yesterday was one of those days!! I rarely ever watch the news { Its been over a year } & the one time I do, well my husband actually was ..I see all kinds of sick & demented/irritating things happening in this CRAZED world!! I should warn you this post is going to come off "ranty" ,but it's REAL!! I swear people are becoming more desperate, crazed & society as a whole is losing its balance!!! I seriously wish I could elaborate on this, but I'll keep it PG on TQS haha! Ahhhhh, see one of those days!! So when these days come about I run out to the garage & pick up some junk & park myself in the office & create or try..! I decided our little suburban cottage needed some angel wings , so I painted a little weathered angel with a quote I came up with!! I really had no plans on creating this, but once I started I actually loved it! It's definitely not perfect , but it's cute & inspirational. I'm a firm believe in angels, so this is perfect for our little home!  I'm thankful everyday for this life, but also feel sad that others are suffering, including animals. I see people complaining about the most petty things, when people , children, babies, & animals are enduring horrific conditions & sickness everyday! We're not perfect, but we live a simple life mostly and with much gratitude & I wouldn't have it any other way ! We were both taught at a very young age about charity, special needs and so on { Thanks parents ;) }!  I could preach until I'm blue, & people still wouldn't choose to donate over buying something useless etc.. Sometimes it's not about being "cool"  ,but more loving & real!!!!! Anyway.. if you're still with me{ haha} check out this cute little uplifting DIY I made!

- Let The Angels Figure It Out -

I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in a higher power! I came up with this because I need to learn to let things work out. I'm a worrier & perfectionist at times & that can suck the life out of you!


I thought this sign looked perfect in this spot. The picture to the right is me with black, yes, black hair & my husband. The picture to the left is of Mark's parents. His mom is a real angel in heaven so what better place then to set this little sign above her!

I used an old black piece of wood off our fireplace makeover & had it sitting {hoarded} in our garage. It was perfect because it gave that dark weathered undertone with the cream & white chalk paint over it. We won't talk about how many mixed , sanded & distressed layers are on this piece haha!  The angel was painted black over the 3rd coat of paint over the original black board. I then watered down some cream chalk paint & went over the angel & then lightly distressed one last time. It sounds like more work then it was & it's really kinda foolproof....Just go with it :) !

Like I said above, it's farrrr from perfect, but it's whimsical & holds meaning to me.

The greenery is from +Michaels Stores  on clearance for $4 a branch! The frog vase { I took the top off } was purchased at +Marshalls on clearance for $7!!

Just messing around with some different pieces..I do like the lantern too!  Everything but the hutch & mirror were all free finds thanks to my lovely picker of a husband!

I hope I didn't rant tooooo much in this post, but honestly it feels good!! I'm one of those people who will hold something in until I explode & I'm working on that!!  I'm reminded of the quote " Those Who Stand For Nothing, Will Fall For Anything". I pride myself on having strong  views & opinions. I've never been one to follow the crowd & today I'm not afraid to say it! Everyone goes through hard things in life, but it's how you flourish from them & rise above the stagnate , generic , or hurtful people! Remember ..- Let The Angels Figure It Out -.

Thanks for listening to my rant & I hope you love this piece as much as I do!!

Happy & healthy weekend everyone!