Monday, September 7, 2015

{ Early Fall Porch Bench Makeover & Sneak Peek..}

Heyy! Whoa what a productive weekend in our little household!! My Mr. Sparky -Markie { He's going to hurt me for saying that haha} had to work all weekend, so while he was working in this blistering heat, I decided I would too!! Saturday my grams & I went shopping all day & that prompted me to start decorating, weeding , purging & everything else outside related & add  some early fall decor. I knew I had this awesome bench in our pile of junk aka treasures & it had been there for months waiting..I just wasn't sure where or what I wanted to do with it!! My parents picked it up while thrifting one weekend in the north &'s been in our garage ever since! I stared at it early Sunday & decided I'm just going to go with whatever I come up with..You see sometimes the planner in me just skips over & I just "go" with a project & this is one of those times. I cranked up some country in the garage, let the dogs out & started this cute little makeover. 


This is what the bench looked like before..It was a mid 90's oak colored stain that was a bit orangey/ needed some TLC! The wood was in great condition so I started by using some cream satin spray paint lightly  over the entire piece for a primer coat you could say.. after that I hand sanded the entire piece for a distressed look & to smooth over everything!! 

I hit it with some dark wax & focused special attention to the arms & points I wanted to highlight! After the wax dried I used some light sand paper just to evenly distribute the dark wax etc..I love how the layers of paint/wax pull out the grain of wood for that aged look!!

I love the arms on this bench!!! They're so high & I love the arched look..I distressed these for an almost rugged look & heavily used the dark wax around  them.

I love this little Esquire shoe polishing kit. It was a free find & went perfect while staging the space with some fall boots & this little set!!

 Sneak peek @ some of the fall porch for this year..;) & P.S. I love that this bench has so much storage for when I need so put stuff away in storms etc.. I also should mention I did do a final layer of clear cream wax to seal everything for this upcoming fall weather!

I hope you all had a great labor day & here is to ending summer 2015 & starting the beginning of fall! Have a great rest of the week with school, work or both!!! :)