Wednesday, January 13, 2016

{ Simple Cottage Bathroom Storage & Sneak Peek..}

Where did this week go?? It's been a busy & snowy week here in the north. I'm not happy about the snow, but happy to be getting lots of stuffs done haha. I mentioned in the last few posts that I was redoing a few things in my bathroom like lights,storage,decor, curtain rod & maybe even the mirror. The piece that started it all is being featured today!!! My lovely husband brought it home last week & I knew right away I wanted it!! It's one of those pieces that you don't see just anywhere & it was perfect for my small little cottage style bath!! My bath is quaint or SMALL haha so I need all the space I can get in there. It's a nice updated space , but I wanted something a bit more charming etc..{stick around for the reveal Monday }. Keep reading for some inspiration & a sneak peek for now though!!

I love the little pottery dishes it came with!! they're super sturdy, neutral & I've been digging  pottery lately! It's got a USA pottery stamp on the back & the dishes them self are a light creamy tan/white with little neutral specs! Oh, & I've been loving anything tea tree { from hair care to face wash }  even some good ole bar soap haha..Tea tree & new craze LOL..I know, I'm random!!

Side Note: I DID have before pictures until I accidentally erased the file..AHHH sorry guys!! 

P.S. How cool are these Reach brand faux wood toothbrushes?  You guys know how I dislike labels/ I was excited to find these neutral looking toothbrushes haha!

I'm kinda obsessed with this little storage shelf!! It's so cute & charming ,and  holds all your essentials!!! It was originally a medium toned 1980's oak wood stain that had seen better days..I debated on leaving it natural with the wear & tear,but eventually decided to paint it with some leftover black chalkboard paint! With some special attention from my husband it was back to being functional in no time.  I'm also debating on what mirror I'm going to be using..keep this white one? Switch to a rustic scalloped wood one or use a plain black one...decisions I tell ya ;).

I don't know if you guys can tell in this picture, but I distressed a little of the black to bring out the wood undertone..still debating if I want it to be distressed or not?! ..Opinions welcomed below!!!

I'm loving this space thus far..can't wait to finish it up!! You should see the what it looks like right now beyond these pictures...eeek! Anyways I'll see you all back Monday with this little bath refresh & sources..P.S. that "tobacco" candle from  +HomeGoods  smells soooo amazing with the window cracked a pinch on a cold winter night while in the bath -GO GET YOURSELF ONE!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!!