Friday, April 17, 2015

{ No Sew Safety Pin Cushion Tutorial }

It's Friday & sunny , you know what that means..DIY galore!! I woke up this morning with a raspy scratchy throat ,but wanted to finish two projects I was working on. One of the projects was this easy NO SEW cushion/ pillow tutorial! If you're like me you can't sew to save you life & asking your dearest mother becomes annoying hahaha! So today I'm sharing this simple & thrifty idea of using SAFETY PINS! 

 1.} Few supplies you will need..Scissors, safety pins, & fabric!  Cut the fabric so you have overlapping material!

2.} Fold the sides over one another so the fabric is overlapped!

3.} Fold both end corners { Just like you would wrap a gift! }

4.} Pull the triangle corners from above & tuck { repeat on other end } !

5.} Hold the tucked end in place & safety pin it to the bottom part of the cloth!

6.} It's that simple & you're done! 

Finished product! 

Side Note: This DIY is only for cushions that will be used on one side! I liked this because some of our cushions outside are just for looks or never need to be turned etc..!

I used what fabric  I had left to cover the 1990's garbage picked cushions we had! I love this thick polka dot canvas fabric from +Hobby Lobby ! I got 2 yards for under $15!! I know most outdoor cushions range from $20-50 a piece so this was quite the bargain :) !

Have a fabulous weekend guys!