Sunday, September 25, 2016

{ Our 7th Year as Husband & Wife. }

Hey guys!!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend enjoying the fall weather & some  festivities!! We spent the weekend enjoying some down time together celebrating our 7TH YEAR OF MARRIAGE! I seriously can't believe this is already our 7th year married..I mean where does time go? Again, with the time makes me sad that 7 years have passed already, but they've been the 7 BEST years..not perfect, but ours as one! We spent the weekend with a long drive in the country eating some amazing cider & donuts, cheese fries & getting stung by a bee!! I mean it wouldn't be us without hiccups haha...I haven't been stung since I was 5, killed two while sipping cider & boom a HUGE one got me while taking pictures down the road at a little farm stand haha..#payback! Anyways I thought I would give you guys a little look into our life with some random facts that maybe you don't already know about us!!! I'm not one of those bloggers to share super personal information/stories etc.. for posts, but today is an exception here on TQS!! I've put together some pictures from way back when { sorry about the quality} & also some from this past fall weekend of us celebrating! Come learn a bit more about our crazy little love story that started on 5.3.07 &officiated on 9.26.09 !

1. We met at the age of 8. We reconnected at the age of 16 through mutual friends who were dating { who each were our good friends }. At the age of 19 we met back up again on a whim & have been together ever since. We then pieced parts together that we had known each other since we were actually 8 through family & an old neighbor!!! 

{ 19 year old babies }

2. We moved in with each other just 3 months after dating { we stayed in my parents basement & lived off of $1 meals for 7 months }. Bought our first place { condo } at the age of 20. This is where the DIY/ renovating love started haha ;). We are now both entrepreneurs in the home business/ field...

3. We were engaged 2 years after dating. He proposed in front of my whole entire family under my grandparents huge cottage Christmas tree { my favorite place } ..on one knee with a custom ring & all!!!!  

 4.  We married at the age of 22, and share our wedding date with my late grandpa's { pappa} birthday!

5. Our wedding was 1940's vintage Tiffany & Co. theme...#2009.  Our wedding song was " My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw. We honeymooned for a week in New York City & basically lived a fairy-tale & didn't want to come home hahaha! For our 1 year of marriage we revisited the country club we married at & had the same room we were married in set up for a dinner for 2 in front of the fireplace with a slice of cake we froze from our wedding. Mark surprised me with a mix of all the songs from our wedding day such as Etta James playing while we dined. We also revisited NYC for 3 days :). 

{ NYC- On our honeymoon }

{ Exchanging our eternity +Tiffany & Co.  necklaces in NYC }
6. We have survived many trial & tribulations together...One of the least heaviest ones would be surviving a hurricane in 2008 for my 21st birthday while in Florida eek...We both also have scars from multiple surgeries ranging from a car accident to dog bites.

7. Things we love: trucks/jeeps, Christmas, rescue animals, learning sign language, NYC, home stuff, country car rides & Arabic cuisine.

{ 9.26.09 }

 We always say to each other that we are the opposite sex version of one another. We're that couple that finishes each others sentences & yet can be silent too all while understanding each others thoughts. We aren't perfect, but perfect is boring right?! 
Here's to another lifetime of love with you--- Mark, the one who centers me, loves me, SPOILS ME, comforts me, allows my shy/insecure side to fade & most of all you make my heart happy in ways I never thought were possible. You have made my darkest days light & always with your overwhelming sense of humor, joy & genuine happy demeanor. You're the craziest & most fun adventure I've ever been on. Thank You for making me your wife- I'm forever grateful to call you my husband. XOXO

Thanks for coming to read more about us.

Wishing you all a happy Monday!!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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