Monday, November 23, 2015

{ Rustic & Retro Inspired Christmas Dining Room }

Heyyy guys!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! Ours was busy & not so fun, but hey you win some & lose some ha! Today was obviously a case of the gross Mondays too..geesh um can we get a break?! Our puppy was sick all day today..every 1.5-2 he was getting sick..poor guy! Something else happened to someone close to us as well & we're just HAPPY he's okay!!! Anyways back to today's post, it's all about this rustic & retro inspired dining room I put together!! I know everyone is into the ski & plaid look this year { I did that last year }, but you know me I'm always doing something that the crowd isn't lol!!! I don't know what has came over me,but I've been really loving this vintage /retro style dining room stuff. I got the inspiration from someone who was near & dear to my papa!! I was thinking about him the other day & remembered he owned a restaurant at one point in his life way before I was even thought of. It was a soda shop restaurant  in the 1960's & I heard they served up some yummy treats & dishes!! I got the idea for this cozy idea & kinda ran with it!! I miss him a lot { I'm told I was his favorite } hehe & what better way to remember him then to use some inspiration to create this little Christmas dining room!! 

Note: This is a super picture heavy post!!

See those cookbooks right there? Ya, those two books have some of the most basic stick to your bones recipes!! They're  heavy home cooking comfort food recipes for sure! The bottom Betty Crocker is a vintage cookbook & the top Campbell's  was a free find!

I mentioned above that this kitchen was inspired by my late papa {2004}. Sadly I don't have any of his goods from his restaurant ,but I do have some old kitchen items that are from my great grandpa { Poppy } who passed in 2011. That white apron is his as well as the rolling pin :) ! They fit so nicely into this space I had to display them!! 

I had 15% off at +Target  so I picked up these mini rustic copper Christmas trees!

I'm loving the pops of copper this year!! The copper tin candles are from Michaels on sale for $4 a tin! The vintage inspired Santa milk jug is from a local shop! 

I love the cozy Christmas diner look!!!  

I mean what diner is complete without some vintage Coca-Cola bottles in a wire basket?!

Okay, so here's another one of those sentimental pieces..It's my great grandpa's { Poppy's} rolling pin !! I love it & it works in the space effortlessly!! Little side note my great gramps loved cooking fried foods, eating sweets & he was 99 when he passed with nearly no health issues!! I mean how could I not display this piece?

These last few pictures from here on down are views with the chandelier on !! I usually don't like photographing  with the lights on, but I was kinda digging the warmness it made this faux  retro diner!!! 

P.S. the green teacups are vintage free finds!! They actually go with plaid plates I have downstairs in that  dining room area ;) !!

I hope you guys enjoyed this setup!! It's different & practical , and you know on TQS that's a must!! I'm off to work on tomorrows post all about the cutest Christmas gift!! Stay tuned guys!