Friday, August 23, 2019

{ Subtle Fall Fireplace Transition }

Happy Friday my pals!! It's been a long week..longer than some, shorter than others. I mentioned a few days ago that posts would be scattered..well they definitely have been!! On Sunday after a long weekend { insert sad face} I developed a huge hematoma on my left calf! I let it go until Thursday morning  & decided because it had tripled in size & was on my left leg, I'd go in! Long story short, I got to my P.C doctor & he sent a "stat" doppler  test with people waiting for me at the hospital. I'm ok, thankfully! Today is Friday & I'm BACK to share our simple fall fireplace or transitioning to fall I should say. I love this new fireplace, it's bigger, bolder & just is easier to style, so of course I've been non-stop messing + creating with it .. Come see our fall fireplace transition below..


I started by adding the smaller more industrial black lights.. Although, I love them for this photoshoot I think they're super unsafe!! They really overheated & were super hot to turn off...Thankfully we have a new chandy in the living room { I'll be blogging soon }


Candle Scent: Apple Fall Pumpkin from


Some tall greenery for cozy factor, vintage white mirror & voila!! I've had this mirror for ages & couldn't wait to finally put it up above the mantel!


I needed this wood cubby box to go somewhere, so here it sit..perfectly enchanting with some simple greens + pumpkins!


My mom dropped off a cute paper bag full of these faux greens & flowers from the U of M gift shop, I couldn't wait to use them.. 


How do you transition to fall? Which area do you decorate first? I hope you liked this simple subtle transition into fall..after September is nearly here & it's fall weather here tonight!!  I'll hold the "psl" but a warm vanilla bubble bath is a deff!