Wednesday, February 9, 2022


 Okay before I get all the messages saying it's NOT spring, yes I'm aware! I'm so aware that my winter Michigan heart needed some color or splashes of spring around the house...or at least on the main level! Last Friday I had a cancelation of a meeting, so I decided to turn on my kitchen radio & get to work!! I knew I had 3 different types of white paint in our maintenance closet & they were full gallons { white paint on hand ALWAYS }, so after spotting a new mini roller I decided to paint all the kitchen cabinets with a fresh pure matte white! I ended up refreshing the linen hall trim, doors etc..too! After that you know I had to restyle + freshen everything up decor & a bit of washing/ organization wise too! Come take a quick peek below...


I forgot I gave the fireplace mantel a nice coat of fresh white paint too! This space needed a little greenery, as I moved my baby {real} pine tree in my bedroom!!



1. Organize- Structure cabinets / bins/ closets/ drawers with labels/ dates / like items.

2. Pitch- Throw out any old, expired or unused items. Donate when applicable. 

3. Clean- Give your whole home but especially the areas worked on the most a good deep clean. Wipe, vacuum, disinfect etc..
4. Style - Add some fresh decor to spaces that are dark, unused or lacking appeal. Of course the rest of your home too..That may mean shopping a new store or shopping your own home for a new look. 

This space got a huge cleaning & I just placed some tall spring stems on the table! 

A new almond scent soap caddy, de-clutter & wipe down left this space feeling simple & ready for spring!


I'm sorry this post was so short, but it's still February & very much cold + snowy here in Michigan...So slow spring decor is a must haha! 

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