Thursday, May 24, 2018

{ DIY Cottage Kitchen Wallpaper Backsplash by Hearth & Hand! }

Eekk I'm so excited to share this fun little DIY with you guys!!! So if you've been reading the blog for a while or at least since a few months ago, you would know we have been sprucing this little suburban cottage of ours up while looking for another small farm style home. I mentioned in this post HERE our plans for our spruce up...Well, if you know me, you know I love switching things up & I usually change my mind last minute...Yup, you see where I'm going with this right?! I SWITCHED my mind last minute. I decided against bead board or just plain least for now!! I just felt it was too popular & plain.I actually didn't have another plan, but then out shopping with Mark on a date night last weekend we spotted this Hearth & Hand Fern wallpaper & I had to have it!  The weird thing? I actually DON'T like Ferns hahaha...but loved this?! I should have prefaced this post with the irony will be out of control in this post hahah. Anyways keep reading below for more deets etc..

One thing we liked the most was that the wallpaper was pretty nice quality & came with easy instructions. Though it's not "peel & stick" it is pre-pasted & was pretty thick for the price. Speaking of price it was only $40 for a double 56sqft roll. We only bought one & have TONS left over..Another DIY in the works..possibly!

What we did:

{ progress picture, excuse the quality }
  • We followed the instructions on the card the roll came with. We used a bit more water than suggested though. We also didn't cut other than corners etc.. We used one big piece each time for a seamless look. 
  • Make sure you smooth all air bubbles as you work to the opposite end.
  • Start pasting from the bottom up, so when you cut the excess it's at the top in case you make an error it's less visible. Use a razor blade for crisp cuts.
  • Make outlet cuts etc..after paper is up. { our preference }
  • This is a TWO person DIY!

Side Note: We are NOT professional wallpaper hangers.

I mentioned via my Instagram that I spotted this little guy in Meijer & didn't even know it was a Fern..You guysss the Ferns are coming for me hahaha & after I ripped all ours out..Maybe I'm having a change of heart?! This little Fern is called a "Lemon Button Fern". I think he was well worth the $11 hehe.

I love how the wallpaper gave such a clean fresh cottagey look! The gray paint was just getting so old & dreary..I love that this is so easy to remove to without messing your walls up { for resale }. The butter dish is from @homegoods & the chippy chicken wire basket is an antique find!

Green has always been my favorite color & this wallpaper basically had all the things I love. I mean greenery, white & cozy cottage + affordable..YES!!

I hope you guys liked this simple little DIY. A few of you have already messaged me that you are trying to recreate with this wallpaper, which makes me SOO happy!! Make sure you tag/follow me on my Instagram HERE if you do!! 

Happiest weekend, pals!

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