Sunday, January 17, 2016

{ DIY F a r m h o u s e Bathroom Light! }

Oh heyyyy Monday haha! It seems like this weekend like most just came & went too soon! Although I've already got a case of the Monday's..the weekend was a lot of fun & filled with DIY'ing, love & laughter!! I promised you guys last week that I would have our full bathroom reveal on the blog today & I'm still doing that, but first I wanted to show you this nifty DIY..This project literally took 10 minutes & we didn't  have to nail, drill or cut ANYTHING! We love a good practical DIY as much as all of you  I'm sure, so we wanted to share this with you guys before Tuesday's full bath reveal. When I started this little bathroom redo last week I knew right away I wanted a new light fixture. The old one was a fairly newer silver 3 light panel, but was all rusted & the globes were dirty & had paint on them..I looked at some cute farmhouse lights, but wasn't paying $ I started looking on Pinterest & found this idea. Although the actual idea itself  is amazing, the actual project I stumbled across was a bit difficult. We { I mean my handy husband actually } eliminated the drilling/nailing, part by simply removing the middle of the lid on the mason jar. This was much simpler then measuring, tracing, cutting/nailing... This little project adds sooo much simple farmhouse charm to my otherwise standard bathroom & for under $50!!!!!! Come take a little peek { not at my nails please } at this DIY...I hope you all love it as much as we do { I'm so giddy to show you guys hehe } !!

•More Light sources HERE

  • Glass mason jars
  • Light fixture
  • Bulbs

STEP 1. 

Take the globes off of the light fixture. Buy however mason jars you need . We got a 12pack at +Target  for $10!! I would recommend using new mason jars as they're more prone to hold the heat unlike the older ones..

STEP 2. 

Remove the middle part of the mason jar so only the rim is left. Don't reattach the rim though just yet..


Screw the rim of the mason jar on the light fixture!


Take the globe flanges that they come with [ the round piece that screws around the light } & screw it all the way up around the mason jar rim.
 STEP 5.

Screw in a light bulb & attach the mason jar. We used GE super clear classic bulbs in 60 watts.

Side Note:  Warning!! We did NOT drill holes in the bottom for heat accumulation. This step is optional & should be at your own personal discretion. I would suggest ventilation holes if your bathroom light is on for extended periods of time. I also did NOT wire the new light myself. Mark wired the new light fixture. These mason jars are pretty versatile & can be used on quite a few bathroom fixtures.  We used medium sized jars.

Here's a little sneak peek at Tuesday's full bathroom post!! 

These mason jars & the bulbs we chose give off such a crystal clear & radiant glow about the bathroom!! This bathroom feels so much bigger, brighter & it's got a little cozy feeling about it now!! 

 I hope this gives you guys some inspiration & hopes that charming light fixtures don't have to cost a ton, but can be simple & fun !! Have a lovely Monday, I'll be back Tuesday with the bathroom reveal/decor etc.. Thanks for popping in guys!!!

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