Sunday, December 15, 2019

{ Christmas Hot Chocolate Station }

One thing I've never blogged around Christmas is a Hot Chocolate station..or if you're not from Michigan " Hot Cocoa Bar". I took a poll on Instagram asking which way you say..Either "hot chocolate " or " hot cocoa " & 75% said HOT CHOCOLATE  ha! I was kinda relieved actually as crazy as that sounds!! Anyways since I've never blogged one & they're so cozy around the holidays & all through winter I thought it was time!!  I also love having this little station because other than the occasional latte or cappuccino I HATE coffee!! Please, don't come for me on here...I honestly just don't care for the taste or how it makes me feel. So, you see a hot chocolate beverage station is needed next to Mark's Keurig haha! I put together the most thrifty & cute holiday hot chocolate station for under $20!!! Come see the breakdown & look below...



.All glass canisters from -Dollar Tree
. Metal Caddy- I had
. Bottle  brush trees -Dollar Tree
. Spoons & Lanterns  -Dollar  Tree
. Vintage milk jug- was free
. Silver platter- Dollar Tree
. Wood log Santas -gift
. Silver bell garland -Dollar Tree
. Hot Chocolate sign- I made



. Cinnamon powder
. Cocoa powder
. Marshmallows
. Hershey kisses
. Peppermint candy cane sticks
. Hazelnut chocolate wafer rolls

**{ all from Dollar Tree }


I chose a variety of mixed glass & silver canisters for that vintage look I love so much, plus they're easily accessible!! I was so surprised at the variety of glass goods at good old Dollar Tree. I simply washed & styled. I used a platter for a more vintage candy shop feel & to group them. 

I added the silver bell garland for a touch of whimsical holiday cheer & the Santa's I added at the VERY last minute!!


The caddy needed something vintage, cozy & fun so these gifted homemade Santa logs were perfect from my auntie!!


Everytime I walk by this little corner of our kitchen all I smell is a mix of vanilla,  chocolate & sweet goodness..yikes ha!

I hope you loved this practical, simple & affordable hot chocolate station..or cocoa station/ bar!! HOW DO YOU SAY IT??? I have to know now!! 

HAPPY Monday!
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