Sunday, December 13, 2015

{ Selling Our Treasures While Helping Great Causes!!! }

Hey everyone! Okay, I'm SUPER EXCITED to share this post with you guys!! I mentioned via last Friday's post--> Rustic Holiday Porch that I had some exciting news, and I do..we're officially selling our goods at a local shop - Angels, Saints & Stuff - !!!! This has been a little dream of ours for quite sometime & I can't believe it's actually happening...I mean obviously our long term goal will be to have a little vintage shop of our own once we move further north, but until we find a house that way we  thought why not purge some "treasures" while we can?! I'm constantly switching things out so this is perfect. I'll give you a little back info on how this all literally just fell into place a few weeks back..So I've mentioned before, but my mom's whole side of the family is into the junkin, furniture, painting etc..Well, my mom & gram were out one day & spotted this cute new shop , peeked in & bought a few things { no surprise }!! They got to talking to the owner & within a few hours she was in our little garage shop picking what she wanted for the store!! Mind you this was all happening while I was out, so when I got home & my hubby told me what was going on, I was pretty excited!! Last Wednesday I took  another jeep load up to her & priced, photographed & styled a few things..I mean it's the CUTEST shop & the owner Cathy is SO SWEET! Okay that's all exciting , but you  know what the BEST part is..HALF of our profits go directly to CHARITY!!! When I heard that I almost cried..My parents taught us from a young age about diversity/ charity & it's been a big part of our life together as a couple as well. I remember my mom telling me, " Your dad has us signed up for every charity that knocks at our door "..heheh! We aren't wealthy, but we give what we can to many different charities on the regular & it's the best feeling.  I still have one particular event that sticks out in my head that I'll never forget...long story short, we pulled off on the side of the road & grabbed groceries out of  our trunk one late night & my husband gave his shoes off his feet to an older mentally challenged man wearing a single shoe trying to get to a shelter in the city. Like I said, any amount helps, but to be able to sell our goods we aren't using anymore, & half of our profit goes to charities for the mentally handicapped, local artist, missions etc.....AMAZING right?!! I snapped a few photographs & provided a direct link to visit the shops website for all social media outlets below!! P.S. sorry about rambling :/!

When you enter you're greeted by a fresh & bright space filled with many treasures!!

When you walk in the door directly to your right is a bulletin with the all charities that the profits are donated to!

I really hope you guys take a peek at some goods!! Everything is priced so fair, if not under priced. Our goods have our cards posted with each item, but don't stop there..So many other lovely items to see!

The shop also offers painted goods,artistic pieces and even some delicious baked goods!! 

The lovely owner Cathy Dillon is surely living by these words. 

I spotted this desk when I was in there doing a few things & I pretty much fell in love...You know I'll be shopping in there too. My gram is already one of her best customers ;) ! 

This buffet piece & the gorgeous dishes are another fav of mine..I just love the black & white with the brass hardware on the dishes!! 

*** To come see more of these unique & charitable goods visit the shops website for all the social media outlets, directions etc.. ---> Angels, Saints & Stuff

Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog everyone! Have a lovely week!


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