Monday, July 8, 2019

{ DIY Side Stove Shelf Pt. 1 }

Happy Monday pals!! I hope your holiday weekend was everything fun & loving! We spent ours at home for the first time in 3 or 4 years..Which was sad we weren't up at the cottage with all the northern Michigan 4th festivities but being home was nice too! We did lots of sleeping, eating , puppy kissing & of course home stuff ha!! We decided to totally purge the kitchen & dining room for a more authentic vintage cottage look!! We also decided to move some furniture out for an airier summer feel...With that came the DIY part 1 I'm sharing today... 

Flash back to a few days ago I had this handmade white hutch next the the stove.. We decided we wanted a bigger open space, so we put this potting bench turned dining room hutch out on our patio { blog post soon}. We ended up using a salvage cabinet & turning it into a " lookalike" built in stove shelf. We knocked a shelf out for the trash can & water bowl & gave it a fresh coat of paint..


•Why put anything there you ask? Well, that's simple..for MANY REASONS actually!  I like to conceal the trash can & have a confined space for the dogs' water bowl! 

•The second reason being a main gas line runs behind the stove & was super costly to move when we moved in. This then leaves a 2inch little gap that bugs me..ha. Typical!!!

•The third reason, it has charm!! I love that we customized otherwise boring builder grade cabinetry. We added the glass pantry, this little area & more!


I just quickly styled this new little beauty as is right now... We will be adding a backing { I can't wait to show you the reveal} & nailing it to the wall on the right for stability!! Our last hutch got lots of use for dishes, setting empty cans etc.. This one still has enough ledge & shelf space for that but is so much more custom, open & sleeker! 


I'll be sharing the FINAL DIY ASAP! 
Do you like this custom little side stove shelf? I think it's perfect for spices, spoons while cooking etc.. 


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  1. Love your clever hide n seek!Always love a decorating challenge with your ideas it helps