Friday, September 25, 2015

{ DIY Bathroom Storage }

Welcome weekend & Happy 6th Year Anniversary to us!! It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend..not only is it our anniversary , but my dad's birthday & we share an anniversary with my late papa. I thought before the weekend festivities begin that I would share a quick & simple little DIY that literally is sooo simple I debated even sharing, but it was way to cute, so here I am!! I've mentioned this a million times before, but my bathroom { we have our own bathrooms } is super small, so every bit of storage is needed! I have plenty of baskets etc.. in the bathroom, but I was sick of always digging for stuff, so I went down to my decor room & decided to DIY a little something for less hassle!! 

If you all remember back in the spring I bought these hanging lace planters from +IKEA USA  & hung them next to the fireplace here--> Spring Planters..Well, obviously since then I've taken them down for fall & the upcoming holidays so they were just siting there .. Why not use them for storage?! They already have little round holes in the back , well actually three around the pots to hang them from a ceiling etc.. I never used the metal chain they came with for that purpose. 

 These planters were super affordable 2 for under $18 !! I just threaded some black & cream polka-dotted burlap ribbon through the back hole & tied them to the towel bar! I also used 1  medium sized furniture grip on each  so they won't hit the wall & leave marks , and they won't make noise when used..

I use them for literally EVERYTHING! For the sake of this post I cleaned them out..I keep everything from lotion to scissors in them & they're pretty tipping believe me!! 

Side Note: Make sure you hang them & tie them as tight as possible, this will ensure they hang down less etc..:)

I hope this helps all of you with that case of the small bathrooms heheh.This could even be used when you're sharing a bathroom & need to have split storage etc..simple, cheap & practical!! Have a lovely, happy & healthy weekend guys!!


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