Monday, May 20, 2019

{ DIY No Prep Painted Cottage Table REVIEW }

You know those weekend's that just aren't productive, fun or creative? Ya, that was our weekend. We were both tired, it was rainy & well we just snacked & slept ha. As I was going through my camera roll hoard { all of us bloggers do this } I noticed I hadn't blogged a little Tablescape/ Centerpiece I had photographed after giving our round  farmhouse pedestal table a fresh coat of white paint...on a whim. See this where it gets to the "review" part because honestly I had no intentions of painting the table that day or any day but that was until I started photographing that day & so much wear + tear { not the charming kind either} were showing up. You see this tables been all over & it needed a pick- me- up ha. Being the most random person I am, I grabbed a bucket of again RANDOM white paint ha! Right on our forest green dining rug & all...I have a steady hand...thankfully! So, this table was lacquered wood & well I wasn't sure normal Glidden satin paint wood stick well. I would usually use a chalkpaint or sand it first..but nope.  Keep reading for the review..


What I used:

I used Glidden pure white with the paint + primer in one. I used a $5 brush & roller. I first brushed the table, then used a roller for the third & final coat. See nothing fancy.. but it's so bright & fresh.

The Good..

It looks nice, was thrifty & hasn't chipped yet ha. It's been about two weeks with meals, dogs, etc..

The Bad..

The finish isn't silky smooth & I'm not sure how long it will last with all honesty! 


I love the pure clean white look mixed with these summery vintage tea goodies paired in the middle. A vintage fresh tea setting if you will.. I've collected vintage crocks from before it was even trendy. The mini "honey" crock is a favorite find along with the matching planter & teapot.


I need something to go on that barn door, but for not I stuck that faux vintage sign. A y ideas leave them in the comments!!


The vintage floral print & frame are from a antique barn sale we picked at a few weekends ago. I painted the frame & wanted to display the floral print. 


Not quite your average review, but an honest one. Sometimes you don't need to follow the written how-to rules of DIY..Just go with it & if it doesn't flow, well, it's just paint. Try your own ways & develop your preferred style etc..

Thanks for popping in daily.


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