Thursday, October 22, 2015

{ Neutral Lamps for Under $30! }

Heyyyy! Happy Friday guys..excuse the lackluster intro today, I'm so tired. I painted the front door interior & the exterior & interior of the back door & trim. I needed something fresh & clean for the upcoming holidays & wow was that a job...I'm now reminded why I despise working with latex paint..UGH! Anyways that's for an upcoming post etc..haha. Today I'm sharing a quick little post all about neutral lamps & on the cheap per usual!! So you guys have heard me say before that I haven't bought new lamps since 2009  right? Well, the reason was because I could never find any I liked or that weren't expensive blah blah blah..Well, a few weeks ago my sister & I took a fall night ride out to +HomeGoods  & spotted these babies!!! I mean actually my sister spotted them & TOLD me you're getting these haha our typical relationship. We originally got these for my master, but I didn't like them in there. Just as I was about to bag them back up my sister texted me & said put them in the living room...Hmm, okay!! WHAT?? I finally have new lamps for the living room & I LOVE them...unheard of hahah!  

I love the simple metal design of these lamps. They're an aged metal look with different metals all in one..if that makes sense. They basically work in any room or with any style for that matter. I think they would even look good with modern decor! Just remember for $30 a lamp including the tan canvas shade, you can always paint the metal base ha!

That stickerrrr...ahhh ..Don't ask ha! You see what I mean with the color variations in the base?! I love it!!!

Another thing that I liked about these lamps after keeping them for the living room was the light they allowed. They feel bold, yet light &don't weigh down the room!!

What do you guys think of these lamps? Were they worth the wait? I think $60 for two metal lamps with the shade was pretty good! I mean shades alone can be $15 and up!!! 

I'm sorry this is such a small post, again I'm so sleepy & still have 3 more things to do after this... I really hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!! Don't forget to follow via my social media accounts & SUBSCRIBE for FREE updates right to your e-mail { All can be found on the left side of the blog} !!!


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