Monday, October 19, 2015

{ Simple & Instant Garage Door Update! }

Goodbye Monday & hello Tuesday!! I hope you all had a great start to the week! I mentioned that we did some updating inside & outside of our little suburban cottage & today I'm sharing the outside!!! This is pry my most favorite outside project for this home of ours. It's made the biggest impact without breaking the bank & was quite simple.. We have been throwing around the idea of painting the white garage & little bits of white splattered here & there on our little brick abode. Well, if you know me, you'd know I'm the most indecisive person!! We spent all Friday & Saturday trying to pick  a color & NO LUCK!! I decided the reason why I was having so much of a problem with picking a new color for the garage door & two peaks, were because I actually still LOVE the white we painted the garage, house & shutters when we moved in! I remembered why we chose white { because it was so bright, fresh & cottageyy + complimented the beautiful true red brick }!  After deciding to keep the garage white, I came up with another plan...shock, I know right hahaha!  We located some cottage/carriage house garage door decor at one of our local +The Home Depot  stores! These sets are usually only sold online & actually were kinda hard to track down..but we did at another store without having to pay the shipping for the large box etc.. 


Make sure to use the natural lines on the garage to center appropriately! Each garage is different so pay special attention to this!

My husband requested I mention to use only the screws that came with the kit for the window part in his opinion!! They're color tipped white to blend & are much larger, however the other recommended screws were much to large for our garage door. The newer doors are thinner & the screws to large. Mark grabbed some spare ones for this part, and again each door is different. 

Can you believe this cottage hardware  only cost $100 for the impact it makes on an otherwise standard garage door?!! We chose to go with this decorative pack because it was less commitment then a color & also because it's simple & neutral curb appeal, yet cozy & custom. This garage was custom built less then 10 years ago & the door newer as well. We didn't want spend a truck load on something since we still plan on moving in the not so far future hopefully ;)! Until my husbands new business strides & my business gets situated & we actually find a house  we like & not just settle on, then we'll hit the road haha! I'm inpatient, but in reality I love this home of ours..but with 3 trucks,  furniture,  tools & my jeep we need more land. Long story short, this was the perfect update for the now! This project was completed in 20 minutes!

I just love the hardware { It's metal } & the rustic galvanized buckets ,and orange mums together. It's so simple, farmhouse/cottagey & super bright! I love the leaves & the imprints they leave..I know ,I'm weird... Today was SUPER breezy &  a perfect 60 and sunny! I could have stayed outside all day photographing, enjoying my grams & doggy kids haha! I mean it's not often you can have dinner on the patio in October here..


The box showed 4 windows, but I found it to be a bit much. I wanted more quaint, less mirrored/modern! That spotlight will be changed out soon to match our new front one { I'll be blogging that soon too }!

**We have big plans to update this little patch of fence & gate ASAP too. I hate chain fences, but with our ordinances we have to get crafty ;) hehehe { more coming on what we're doing to freshen it up with some DIY } ! 

I just couldn't wait to show you guys this project!! I really hope this helps all of us { including us} that need to add charm to a plain space, but simply & on the cheap! 

I really appreciate you stopping in! Have a great rest of the week friends!!


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