Thursday, March 28, 2019

{ Fresh Spring Front Porch }

Happy Friday pals!!! Some will say " I can't believe it's Friday already", while others might be thinking "finallyyy it's Friday!" Me, I'm just kind of digging this spring weather we had going on today !! Call me crazy buy I didn't even realize it was warm out until the third time I stepped out front to run Mark is pastrami sandwich. Maybe that's because it's been cold for soooo long up here in the north. Anyways, it got up to 66 here today & that meant it was time to clean up the front porch & open all the doors finally!! I wanted something I never did before, so I went neutral traditional cottage. Only a few simplistic items, decor, new mat & greenery. It's fresh, clean & still fits the front of our little red brick cottage style home. 


I always use items that can withstand our crazy Michigan weather. Our weather conditions can get super crazy quickly & change at a snap. I chose to display some vintage galvanized buckets, neutral flowers in a porcelain pal, rusty white watering can & a metal sign. I pitched in the grey & white stripe pillow at the last helped pull the grey & white tobacco basket into the space.


The sign is from at HomeGoods & I love how it pairs nicely with the  infamous "Welcome" mat so many have. I got ours on the cheap for $10 rather than $40 at Target. The mini fern is from Pottery Barn & added it some fresh green with the boxwood tree. When I say I went super simple, I truly mean it as you can see. Some vibrant real plants will be nice in the flower window boxes + here once the weather is consistent... of course I'll blog it. 


I've always hated the space between the mailbox & farm light, so I added a wood/ galvanized M ! Again, super simple items, textures & colors.  

Side Note: Don't mind my pine tree wreath on the door...typical Paige error ha. Whoops°

It's supposed to go back down to the forties again this week, but it needed a clean up from winter sooner than later. It'll of course be changing & I have two items being added to this space...I wish I had them today but they haven't arrived yet!.. Guess that just means I'll be double sharing this space, hope you don't mind?! For now it's ready for early Michigan springtime.

Have you decorated for spring outside yet? I love when you guys share inspiration with me..I hope you all have an amazing refreshed weekend! 

Happy Friday.

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