Sunday, March 31, 2019

{ Cozy Cottage Garden Reading Nook }

Greetings pals & welcome back!! Well, the time has come..tomorrow is my new endocrinologist appointment & I'm shaking just thinking about it!! I'm nervous for the unknown but can't believe I'm actually going to a doctor about all this stuff going on. ....super big step for me. With that being said, when I get nervous you know I have to keep busy & that's exactly what I did this weekend..even with the snow! Yup, we got snow this weekend which was totally uninspiring at first. Friday night my bff Vin & I went tooling around & ended up doing some shopping..I picked up the piece that inspired this post actually. Saturday Mark & I slept in & then while he napped on & off I put on some Oasis & got to fun time!! Come see what I cane up with, I'm so excited to share!!


I've been hunting for a sign just like this for soooo long!! Dark forest nursery green, distressed, huge & real wood & THIS IS IT!!  It goes with my evolving vintage/ cottage greenhouse style instead of white hobby lobby farmhouse...Which is totally okay, too!!


This is my real Ivy & he goes so well in here!! I love this antique dressers deep wood tones & cozy cottage look. 
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I had these metal compass bars in my decor room for years..I loved them, so I displayed them here after holding onto them all these years...See why antiquing & junking can be addicting haha.


This whole space is just soo fresh & cozy. Already sipped some refreshing spearmint tea here & browsed some magazines. The vintage DIY linen closet HERE also adds charm in the back.  


I'm loving all these new vintage galvanized garden touches to the living room. It's finally my style after 7 years ha. I mean if that's not trial & error at it's best I don't know what is..

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I hope you loved this cozy nook! I can already see summer time reading while sipping ice tea!  

Happy Monday!

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  1. It's perfect!!
    Love that it's wood too :)
    Stay well, Shannon