Tuesday, August 6, 2019

{ Patio Refresh with Kilz..Pt. 1 }

Okay, so by now you guys are pretty hip to this kind of post around this time of year... From our severe winters in in Michigan our porches & patios take a beating & by late summer they're due for a refresh { at least ours is}. I had two free-ish days, a 5 gallon bucket of leftover brand new Kilz #longstory & an anxious mind...What do I do? Wash our entire patio on the hottest day & paint it haha! I mean you guys this is literally how projects get going around here!! I get antsy with ideas & literally -hulk it-  as my sister says & move/ paint/ rip up etc.. everything around here. Anyways, so today I wanted to show you how EASY it was was to refresh our patio with just painting it bright white Kilz primer...yup, you heard that correctly! No, paint just the old chipped up underneath stained white & the Kilz primer on top!! 
This patio still needs a new umbrella { thanks storm } , cute vintageyyy solar lights & some fresh firepit pea gravel..but today it's all about P R O G R E S S not perfection!
•••••Come see the first part below...
-P.S. sorry today's photos are quick snaps..Full photoshoot Coming Soon!


This little buddy  "Swartz the Wart" wanted part in the painting too. If you seen my Instagram stories you'd know.... Insert eyeroll haha..eek!

From last fall..you can see how dingy /stained it was even with a good power wash!!


• there are a few dirty spots from the random quick storm..as I talk about below!!


I wish I would have gotten an -in the moment- shot of me rolling it out, but I'm a practical blogger & being all done up / staged isn't my thing. My hands were sore after, sweaty & I was trying to beat the quick summer storm rolling in...Michigan weather for ya ha!

Side Note: This DIY planked wood table is also painted in Kilz primer & it's been outside YEAR ROUND for 2 years..snow & everything!!! 


So, I purposely snapped this picture here, because it's where the obvious wear + tear are & where one little BIG wrinkly pup decided to chew the paint... So it was definitely due for a fresh coat! This is Kilz primer for interior OR exterior! It went on like butter!! I literally painted two coats in 40 mins..the sun helped but the buttery thickness was divine!!


We also love using Kilz because it's so easy in the 5 gallon buckets plus cost effective! Another thing is it seals for water & mildew which is nice by the steps & for when water pools from melting snow ect..


We're farrr from being done with this back patio before cozy Fall bonfire season ,when we use it a lot, but I wanted to share the progress & my favorite 1 item that has already refreshed it soooo much!! 

Happy Wednesday!

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