Saturday, May 17, 2014

{ Chalk Paint mania ..}


 Well, what a fantastic Saturday if I do say so myself! My husband & I took a mini  trip to one of our little  towns { Royal Oak} & stopped in @ Nada & Co. I'd never been before even after I've been to Royal Oak several of times. As soon as I walked up to the door I knew I was going to be in love, & the hubby was going to be parking it on a vintage  chair holding my duffel bag of a purse { Ha Ha}. The shop was bright & filled with all kinds of rustic,vintage , french country, & farmhouse inspired goods! After I looked around for a quick second, I turned & there they were.. a whole wall shining down at me of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!! I've been on a mission for the last two months searching for some infamous Annie Sloan, & let me tell you it's not the easiest task. She only retails to smaller boutique like stores & her paint isn't offered at chain stores. I actually find this quite charming,it keeps with the appeal of the paint, even if you have to drive a little farther. If you don't know about Annie Sloan I can give you bits of information as to why it's so appealing to a Home Blogger as myself. Not only is chalk paint nifty to look at ,it's a fast drying paint { 20 minutes} & it virtually  can be used on any surface without priming,stripping,sanding etc.. The touch of the paint is also appealing. I thought it would have a gritty almost "Chalkboard" feeling ,but not at all!  The paint it's self is a bit pricey & you do need to buy the 'Wax' to finish it off with to secure the paint,but the appeal is overwhelming. The three cans I bought today were quart cans, & were stated to be able to cover as much as a gallon almost. I've never used this brand  before & to be frank I'm quite stoked! I've used Chalkboard paint & other 'new' to the market paints...,but nothing with this many pros-I mean drying in 20 minutes?!--- AMAZINGGG! I'll be posting obvious { Before & Afters} of the project I'm currently  working on,but for now here are some  pictures I captured on our little adventure today! 

Nada & Co. was nice enough to let me snap some pictures ..How cute is this store?- not to mention the adorable Annie Sloan section.

* Click  above pictures for larger view*

The colors & wax we picked up today. Graphite & Old Ochre! These quartz retail for  $ 40 a can & the Wax was I believe $25. They're a bit steep in price as stated above, but are also said to go a long way...we shall see.

This is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint splotch book. It's around $3! I picked one up for easy guides to colors, & if I'm asked what color I've painted certain pieces I'm able to explain & refer to the splotch book easily.

{ Be sure to check out Nada & Co. ---> }

Side Note: Happy two years in our new house, I think it's time for our third place & new adventure soon ;) . 

This is just a random on our little adventure today! How amazing is this craftsmen style home? We pulled down the quaintest little street today..

Yes, Please!!


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