Friday, June 26, 2015

{ DIY Weathered Wood Angel Sign ! }

I'm sure everyone has those days where everything either irritates you or makes you  sad right?! Ya, well yesterday was one of those days!! I rarely ever watch the news { Its been over a year } & the one time I do, well my husband actually was ..I see all kinds of sick & demented/irritating things happening in this CRAZED world!! I should warn you this post is going to come off "ranty" ,but it's REAL!! I swear people are becoming more desperate, crazed & society as a whole is losing its balance!!! I seriously wish I could elaborate on this, but I'll keep it PG on TQS haha! Ahhhhh, see one of those days!! So when these days come about I run out to the garage & pick up some junk & park myself in the office & create or try..! I decided our little suburban cottage needed some angel wings , so I painted a little weathered angel with a quote I came up with!! I really had no plans on creating this, but once I started I actually loved it! It's definitely not perfect , but it's cute & inspirational. I'm a firm believe in angels, so this is perfect for our little home!  I'm thankful everyday for this life, but also feel sad that others are suffering, including animals. I see people complaining about the most petty things, when people , children, babies, & animals are enduring horrific conditions & sickness everyday! We're not perfect, but we live a simple life mostly and with much gratitude & I wouldn't have it any other way ! We were both taught at a very young age about charity, special needs and so on { Thanks parents ;) }!  I could preach until I'm blue, & people still wouldn't choose to donate over buying something useless etc.. Sometimes it's not about being "cool"  ,but more loving & real!!!!! Anyway.. if you're still with me{ haha} check out this cute little uplifting DIY I made!

- Let The Angels Figure It Out -

I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in a higher power! I came up with this because I need to learn to let things work out. I'm a worrier & perfectionist at times & that can suck the life out of you!


I thought this sign looked perfect in this spot. The picture to the right is me with black, yes, black hair & my husband. The picture to the left is of Mark's parents. His mom is a real angel in heaven so what better place then to set this little sign above her!

I used an old black piece of wood off our fireplace makeover & had it sitting {hoarded} in our garage. It was perfect because it gave that dark weathered undertone with the cream & white chalk paint over it. We won't talk about how many mixed , sanded & distressed layers are on this piece haha!  The angel was painted black over the 3rd coat of paint over the original black board. I then watered down some cream chalk paint & went over the angel & then lightly distressed one last time. It sounds like more work then it was & it's really kinda foolproof....Just go with it :) !

Like I said above, it's farrrr from perfect, but it's whimsical & holds meaning to me.

The greenery is from +Michaels Stores  on clearance for $4 a branch! The frog vase { I took the top off } was purchased at +Marshalls on clearance for $7!!

Just messing around with some different pieces..I do like the lantern too!  Everything but the hutch & mirror were all free finds thanks to my lovely picker of a husband!

I hope I didn't rant tooooo much in this post, but honestly it feels good!! I'm one of those people who will hold something in until I explode & I'm working on that!!  I'm reminded of the quote " Those Who Stand For Nothing, Will Fall For Anything". I pride myself on having strong  views & opinions. I've never been one to follow the crowd & today I'm not afraid to say it! Everyone goes through hard things in life, but it's how you flourish from them & rise above the stagnate , generic , or hurtful people! Remember ..- Let The Angels Figure It Out -.

Thanks for listening to my rant & I hope you love this piece as much as I do!!

Happy & healthy weekend everyone!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

{ DIY Simple & Thrifty Lemonade Cart! }

You guysssssss today was the cutest & most relaxing summer day with my sister & niece ! It finally was gorgeous today, which is a miracle in itself here in the north!! We had quite the day adventuring out to Maybury Farm , Picnicking in a park  & we even had a very successful { $6 }  lemonade cart hehe! I know so many other people have blogged cute little lemonade stands, but honestly they aren't so practical..they're adorable,but who has time to build a stand, make huge signs & buy  supplies..Ya, me either!! This little lemonade cart literally took us 20 minutes & it's all from junk & supplies we had laying around the house & garage!! 

Here are some the things we used to pull this together..

- Cart
- Fresh or store bought lemonade mix. We used a combined mix!
- Napkins { What  I had laying around }
- Drink dispenser or just a pitcher
- Chair {  I used an old rustic paint splattered one }
- Cups { I used red plastic ones we had from last weekend }
- Towel
Cute paper straws { I had some leftover from the holidays}
- Cookies { I filled a used lemon wafer container }
- Lemons for decoration.
-Crock & plant I had sitting on our front porch { Just for decoration }
- Instead of a huge  wood or store bought sign we used a chalkboard I DIY'd & had sitting in the kitchen!

Her most favorite person of all { Her uncle Markie} might have chugged a few cups too ;)!

See I LITERALLY just pulled stuff together for this little Lemonade Cart! Simple home fun for the kiddies all on the cheap { Many of these goods can be purchased at Dollar Tree} !

I was going to use this trash picked metal rolling cart for a DIY ,but never did & the paint I used was perfect for the lemonade stand!

She is the cutest & smartest 8 year old!! Believe it or not she was "staging" like her aunt haha! She was setting the faux lemons out & arranging her straws LOL!! She also wrote on the chalkboard sign & added the cute little hearts { She has some nice writing for an 8 year old, right?!} !!

Our neighbors were such good sports too! We truly are thankful ! I mean how could you say no to this little princessa, Kayla!? I hope you have a great rest of the week & get to enjoy some yummy ice cold lemonade while enjoying your kiddies! 


Sunday, June 21, 2015

{ Decorating Around An Umbrella Pole! }

Monday already?? Geesh this weekend flew right by us again...with the exception of having a little stomach bug & feeling kinda icky Friday & Saturday, Sunday was amazing!! We celebrated our dads' with smoking some meat, lots of lotto tickets & selfie stick picture taking ha-ha! While I was outside I decided to grab my camera & blog this nifty little idea to cover/camouflage the ugly umbrella hole/post!! Keep reading below to see how I pulled this together in less then 20 minutes!

Start with what you want to fill the basket, box, crate etc.. with! I just used some vintage junk I had laying around & some faux greenery & flowers! 

I got this little crate as a free gift  from our bank. I've used it in various spots in our house, but thought with a little quick stain it would be perfect for this little DIY!! We removed the bottom to use on the table & it worked perfect! 

Then just simply fill with whatever you like! I love that it takes away from the not so cute hole/ post!  Sometimes the simplest DIY projects turn out to be my fav! I have to say though my hubby actually came up with this little DIY/crate/umbrella idea!!

I love the vintage garden-ish feel of this decorative outdoor centerpiece!

The little red mason jar is a citronella candle & the glass electric insulator just looked cute hehe!

Have a great week everyone!  I'll be back later in the week with a super cute & functional must have summer DIY for every family ;)!


Friday, June 19, 2015

{ DIY Vintage Grow Bags }

Woo hooo it's the weekend officially!! I promised a few days ago a super cute & easy summery DIY or even a gift idea.. Today we had some amazing { 73  & breezy } weather here in the north so I got to photograph this little DIY outside while enjoying the weather!!! I've been having some horrid back issues & today's weather was perfect relaxing  weather, even if my back was killer!!! This has to be one of my all time favorite little DIY projects, not because it was on the cheap or super simple,but because it's so useful in the summer or even spring or just faux vintagey/cottagey home decor!

I grabbed these supplies at +Michaels Stores  while they were having a huge 70% off sale. I got these  plastic lined burlap bags for $2 each , some chalk paint { now in a smaller squirt bottle }  & some tags / string!

I chalked out a rectangle first!

I then painted the rectangle with some white/cream chalk paint with a sponge brush lightly & definitely not perfect..remember we're going for the rustic wore-in vintage look! 
 After this part is finished you can add your detail { if any} & your herb/plant names..I kept it simple & used plain black for the lettering in a rustic kind of writing..haha or tried! 

As I said above these bags are lined so you could potentially use them for growing real herbs etc..For $2 I couldn't pass them up!! They make  moving house or kitchen plants around super easy , or just simple faux decor inside or outside!

I added some cute little tags with a clothespin with some instructions on that herb!

Note: This is faux greenery/instructions.

I may or may not have used some cute weeds mixed in with the faux greenery...haha cute weeds..never thought I would say that!!

I thought the bags looked adorable with our back patio decor!! I may use these outside, but right now I'm loving them inside. Once I switch out our 4th of July decor I think I'll be using these cute little buggers!

What do you think of these vintage inspired grow bags? Do you remember them?? I can honestly say I didn't even know what these were until about a week ago. I searched Pinterest to see if there were a lot made  ,but couldn't really find anything ,which I liked!!!!  I always search to make sure my DIY isn't too popular .. I like to keep things fresh & original here on TQS for you guys! I did ask my mom & she did remember them {I'll keep her age hidden } ;)!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers here on earth , above & fur Fathers!!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

{ Red, White & Blue Centerpiece Idea }

I can't believe it's almost the weekend again!! We haven't been having the greatest weather here in the north by a long shot, but what are you going to do..I know I shouldn't complain about all the rain while others are in drought ,but geeesh I'd rather have snow ha-ha!! With all this rain means lots of blogging & decor ,so I guess it isn't so bad, right?!  Today I'm sharing our simple & casual dining-room centerpiece! 

The mason jar candle-holders are a DIY. I might blog them..They're so simple & I love the mason jar look paired with the simple white base & bonus they were free!! 

This is my VERY FIRST time ever decorating our table for the 4th of July & I'm actually loving it! I surprisingly had quite a bit of stuff laying around to use for this little centerpiece!

Just so happens that the base of our table I chalk painted a custom mixed blue / grey  worked out great & with the centerpiece it couldn't be more perfect!! The rustic light feel is what I think I really like about this space!!  The table linens are from +H&M !

The crock, & blue glassware are all free finds! The flowers are from Dollar Tree , the tray was a gift & the patriotic straws are from +Pier 1 Imports !

The simple white frilly tablecloth was perfect with the rustic +Better Homes and Gardens  placemats!! I  love the clean rustic look with the simple patriotic focal point! This was the most simple centerpiece ever!

Hopefully if the weekend is nice I can blog a super cute DIY for you guys..if not I hope you all have a great weekend filled with love & inspiration ,and  a Happy Father's Day! 


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

{ Vintage Inspired 4th of July Mantel Using Free Finds!! }

Hey guys!! It feels like it's been like foreverrr since I blogged, which is only less then a week ha-ha. I miss you all!! Well today I'm sharing our little vintage inspired mantel using  FREE FINDS!! I'm not one usually to decorate for the 4th ,but this year I had some free goodies hanging around in the garage that screamed 4th of July! I literally ran outside in my plaids in the rain & grabbed everything in our pile of junk that looked vintage/4th-ish { I bet the neighbors enjoyed seeing that ha-ha}!

This little white { was cherry colored at one point } fireplace has been through it all &  you know what ? I still LOVE decorating it ! It's simple kinda like me! It's perfect for toasty fall nights & decorating!! Anyways back to some mantel decor  ;) !

Although the mantel is composed of mostly junk or vintage "treasures" I had to throw some sparkly sticks in the mix!! I mean what's 4th of July without some sparkly goodness :)))!

Side Note: The sparkle sticks are from +Michaels Stores  a few years back. The green branches were a thrift!

The flag tray/picture is actually a piece from 9/11 that my lovely hubby found!  I loved it so much I wanted to use it on the mantel!! I love the rustic flag & the wood frame! The rusted wire basket      { I'm wire basket obsessed} is a free find as well as the door knob! I love the mix of items, it reminds me of almost colonial type decor! 

It was such luck that I had red & blue pots sitting amongst our pile of junk ,I mean treasures in the garage! 

Other then the gorgeous flag, my favorite piece is this adorable rusted ole lantern!! We have a few in different colors, but the black fit  I thought! 

See what a pile of junk can create? I seriously spent ZERO on this mantel & zero to me means amazingness! I hope you enjoyed this little mantel of ours! I'll be back soon with the rest of our 4th decor & a super cute DIY you don't want to miss!!

Happy Wednesday!!