The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

{ The Quaint Sanctuary...ALL about it!!! }

Hey guys..Let me just begin by saying this post is WAY overdue! I've been blogging for 2.5 years now & I thought it was about time I sat down with you guys & chit-chatted about why I started TQS , my goals  & ultimate quest & + some.. So I'm going to start from the beginning while working forward to the "now" with a timeline.  Bare with me it's going to be long!! Lets start with a little about me...      

Hi, I'm Paige or Paige.Rose! I'm so glad you've peeked in on my blog! I'm not great at introducing myself or talking in front of people, but I'll give it a whirl. I'm a college graduate with two degrees one in Criminal Justice & another in Paralegal Studies. I'm a wife to the lovely & patient Mark & fur mom to { Stinker the rescued momma pit bull, Stewart the adopted baby of one of our rescued pregnant moms & finally Mr. Wibbles the crazy lion head bunny from the Walmart parking lot} living in the mitten.

I'm not your average blogger, I wasn't always obsessed with DIY, home decor our domestic duties { even though I grew up around constant DIY, cottage living & projects }. As you can see from the above degrees of study I was at one time interested in the criminal justice system. After graduating I knew I had made a huge mistake..the passion just wasn't there & I was lost. Lost as to what to peruse, what made me happy & what I could do for the rest of my life..Looking back I can pinpoint why I chose that area of study & it was for all the WRONG reasons. I have always been a person to go my own way & lead my own pack type of thing..I wasn't the cheerleader, organized academic student or athlete in school, but more of the free standing non-crowd follower, "do what I want or believe in" but always with a jumbled, yet structured plan{ I worked 24/7 in high school}/ wild child type eeek!I do remember though even through the years I was always interested in home related stuff in someway or another I guess {you would have never known by my teenage bedroom}. I took a class in high school that was a beginners interior design class & loved it. I also remember taking two writing classes & falling in love{ my gram still has some of my original/ deep pieces ;) }. I guess being young you don't put those things together, but being able to write & decorate all at the same time aka BLOG was my passion. I guess the blogging world/social media world was just becoming popular when I was graduating so I can see where I would have  missed that..maybe ha! I mentioned this before, but I also was that kid in high school that could take or leave the social media..I'm not one for the super advanced technology you can see how this profession was totally random on many levels. This blogging journey has taught  me so much & for that I'm truly grateful.

2008 - Our first home, a 750sqft condo. This is where it all started.. We're 20 & 21 , and full of new homeowner energy. Our little condo was our first big possession we bought together & 20 minutes after we signed the papers we were tearing the floor up in the kitchen. Back then we were all about the black/white modern look. We started with little projects like painting, decorating, customizing our screened in patio etc.. Through the years we had tile put in the kitchen, revamped the original hardwood floors, & had the bathroom gutted! Around 2011 we started to see we were outgrowing our little 1 bedroom condo..even though it was just us two + a bunny, we needed more space.

2012 - We bought our second home. Our current home which is a  circa 1958 red suburban brick ranch with white cottage shutters,huge white wood garage & little white garden fence.  This home was just what we were looking for at the time. We wanted a house, updated for the most part & ready to be lived in for the next 4 years. We new we wanted to use this  home as a "middle" stepping stone for our next home. Both homes we bought we crunched numbers & have made a profit/ instant equity! I call it growing the "smart way" . This year is also the year my husband starts to bring "treasures" home from job sites etc.. Our little collection is growing!

2013 - So it's at the end of the year & I'm knee deep in  my Pinterest addiction to DIY, decor & recipes hahaha. I have been on Pinterest for close to two years at this point and my mind starts mentally exploring..Where were all these great ideas coming from? People just like myself? I started doing little projects here and there from neighbors pitched goods, free finds etc.. I would post the little projects or decorating on our personal Facebook page with my 2010 camera phone..Even with the quality I started getting comments, likes etc.. Was I onto something? Hmm..Then one night I clicked on 11 Magnolia Lanes blog { the nicest ladies ever BTW } & thought  how can I start a little blog & document my projects like this in our new home?! I stayed up all night researching & landed on Blogger..I signed up & entered my blog name " The Quaint Sanction" & proceeded to add a cheesy background & header in plain white lettering - The Quaint Sanction -. I was so giddy to upload my first blog post and share it in the morning. I mean did I just make a  BLOG?? I mean that alone was the biggest step for me!!!! I remember the first post I uploaded a few days later. It was something to do with the man cave basement...& wow what was I thinking hahah! I remember showing my BFA sister & photographer cousin & them just saying oh, ya..nice, BUT you should crop that gross window out hahaha! I continued to upload small projects here & there not knowing much about this business. I  honestly thought it was just going to be a hobby / DIY projects! I continued for the next few months into 2014..

2014 - Okay so it's been almost a year by now & my pictures are improving, I'm editing with publisher LOL & beginning to look into ads & making a few dollars while working as a executive assistant at a friends office. I pitched the simple camera I was using & purchased a Black Friday Nikon special . At this point { the middle of 2014 } I really start posting on the regular, editing & participating in other blogger activities, commenting, networking & branching this little business out. I signed with my first AD company & have now changed my blog from "The Quaint Sanction" to The Quaint Sanctuary. I have also stopped using the watermark TheQuaintSanction via my Pinterest pictures. I also have worked a little on my website design, added side bars, logo & have set up my social media for the blog. I have a Pinterest page & Facebook page strictly for the blog. 

2015 - This was the year where things became not such a hobby ,but more of a small business in the making. I started "branding" myself with a particular style, photo, business cards etc.. I  am set apart from other bloggers by being practical...Lets face it, I'm not always done up, my hair is usually outgrown & I'm always in comfy clothes sipping a pop. Along with blogging & my husband's job  we also rescue/donate on the side. Animal advocacy along with blogging becomes my two main focuses. After a few rescues from Detroit we turn my mom onto it & she takes off with it { now the manager of one rescue, aside from her 9-5 at a dental school university }. I start thinking of all the animals we could help if I could blog & also spread the word about breeding,cruelty,fighting etc.. I mean how cool would it be to work from home doing something you love while making some income, spreading awareness & helping  as many as you can to LOVE there sanctuary / home. I'm now interacting with other major bloggers, I just did my first sponsored ad from a store located all the way in Australia that reached out & a few other sponsored post plus another ad company, growing social media,and have been featured on other blogs etc..

2016 - The blog is growing tremendously {I operate/design/edit the blog entirely by myself} with my little self teaching ways, we're now selling our goods at a local shop where half of all the proceeds go directly back to charity, I'm now a taxable business & I just hit my 200th post!!  What's my ultimate goal you ask? To be able to have enough income to furbish animal sanctuaries of all kinds, & be able help people in need love their sanctuary{ whatever the circumstance is } in every way possible. When that is accomplished I'll stop..until then I'll keep trucking along. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping in to gain some insight on TQS + some. I hope you all have a great year with so much growth & love. We are focused on moving, vacationing a bit, growing this business & hopefully more ;) #stay tuned !!


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