Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{ Why the small things matter..a different type of post }

**This post is quite off the beaten path from my usual post..keep reading ;)

This past Saturday was enchanting & delightful all in one! We had our niece for the night & decided to head out for a drive in the country to  the Cider Mill. Not only was the weather perfect  ,but the time we spent with her { Miss Kayla } was unforgettable ! We got to enjoy some special time with her & she got to enjoy the Cider Mill festivities ! As many of you know I'm a Fall & Christmas festivities junky & as soon as September 1st hits all the excitement starts brewing! This year has been a roller coaster with many ups & downs, but just taking that one day of simple joys { our niece & each other } helps ease almost anything! I'm not sure if it was the cool weather, fall sunshine, or the copious amounts of apple cider & donuts , but it was a glorious Saturday. On the way home the sun was dimming ,the country music was blaring,sunroof open & the breeze was blowing from  the highway! It was surreal like in a movie when someone is listening to music with headphones & you can't hear the music,but you see the persons gestures & movements..ya that was us three! As we were heading home & all this was taking place I happened to glance in my mirror & see my niece in total enchantment sitting in her booster { big girl seat } staring out of the  window completely in her own innocent world smiling & singing with the sun beaming down on her freckly button nose! I looked over at my husband & he knows me so well  says ,"Now don't cry honey"-thank gosh I was wearing sunglasses ;) ! Those are the kind moments that matter the most in life . I needed that after such an up & down kind of year...When we got home we enjoyed some time in the yard playing & watching the sun go down....yes-PERFECT! The point of this post is stop & relax ,& enjoy the small things in life. I know everyone is busy wanting,needing,or wishing, & yes, I'm guilty of this too,but try to enjoy the simple pleasures, they don't come often in our world these days...which scares me! 
As always have a great weekend guys!

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'Cherish the moments where the world stands still for that one minute '