Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{ DIY Beer Coaster Cottage Decor }

Since summer is a few weeks away I decided to update our living room with some new cottage pieces & decor! One of the areas that I wanted to update was the "decor wall"!! A few days before Memorial Day weekend my hubby brought home a cute cottage style vintage window pane! At first I wasn't sure where it was going ,but then I knew when I looked at our stagnant/wintery decor wall! I switched up the  wall  then added the simplest cottage DIY decor EVER!! 


I loved this, but needed something more summery!!

 - AFTER -

This is how the wall looked after we switched it up! Again, I loved this,but it was missing something... cottagey- COASTERS!!! 



I had a massive amount of beer coasters from all different locations in a paper bag just waiting for me to do something with them! My mom gave us this bag she got from someone & so on, but that was 2 years ago & I hadn't used them- until now!! Beer coasters usually are pretty nifty & many have a rustic cottage print etc..I picked out my favorite ones for this little project!

Some of the different ones I liked!! I love looking at all the different logos & locations.


I took a little double sided tape & set it on the ledge of the window pane & then stuck the coasters on the tape/lip of the window! I love how different this is, yet so simple & cute!

Side Note: I didn't paint this window. This is how it was brought home with this  green color/chippy look. The only thing I did do was wipe it down with a damp cloth--- SCORE!

This flower & deer one is my favorite out of the hundreds!!!

For someone who hates beer with a passion, I really love these little coasters from all over the country!!

Have fun with unlikely decor items, because sometimes they become the cutest & simplest DIY decor! I mean who would have thought to use these like this?? I knew I was holding onto them for something haha!

Until next time guys!! 

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