Wednesday, September 23, 2015

{ Adding Farmhouse Charm for Fall }

Heyyyy all!! I hope you're enjoying the first day of fall!! I mean who doesn't love this season { other then the pesky bees & allergies } !! It's still been a bit warm here in the north, but it's cooling down & I'm pretty excited for this weekend, it's our 6 year wedding anniversary!!! A long drive in the country with the wind blowing, country up, camera on & a little something I'll be blogging soon ..would be just fine with me :)!!! I know one thing I want some good ole cider mill cinnamon donuts & some cold fresh cider..hmm maybe a picnic? Whoa, I'm getting ahead of myself, but today I'm sharing some useful tips & tricks when it comes to decorating for fall, farmhouse style!!! I know department stores like Target are screaming & bursting  with farmhouse decor & new lines for fall, but lets be honest it's expensive!!!
Today I'm sharing how to add  some fall farmhouse charm with these simple goods..

- WOOD - 

Wood is one of those elements that you definitely need when you are decorating for fall & especially when trying to achieve the cozy farmhouse look!! It's one of those things that you can find just about anywhere & you can distress & make look worn by simply distressing with some $5 sandpaper etc..  I love using crates as well & many businesses throw them away..These crates were thrifty finds & that rustic piece of wood was a garbage find.


I love vintage glass & this is thanks to my hubby & grams!! I can remember picking vintage washed up glass on the beach as a kid & loved it!! My husband is also a lover of vintage glass bottles of any sort. They're great to use for decorating to give that farmhouse/vintage general store look!! They have that plain, yet old vintage look & can staggered, used as vases or just on display!! 

Side Note: These vintage bottles were free finds & the spice rack was also a garbage find. The maple moose bottle isn't vintage { it's from +HomeGoods  } but it's so cute!!


I love using metals for that rustic farmhouse charm!! It's simple, durable & makes a bold statement!! You can use old buckets, watering cans, signs etc.. I love these metal pumpkins..they're so simple , yet they make a statement!! If you notice I've have most of the  things listed in this post  all in this picture..wood, glass/crocks,metal & greenery!! Incorporate some of those goods in your home & you'll have a cozy  fall farmhouse!



So some of the other things I like to incorporate into a rustic, vintage, cottagey- farmhouse home are greenery of any sorts!! I prefer simple little plants or hydrangeas because they're warm & make a bold impact & hydrangeas can be dried & used over & over!! Candles are another thing I like to use. They make any space feel warm, cozy & delicious instantly!! I like ones that are more neutral in style, but are warmer scents.  Chalkboards are the last thing I like to use. They're easy to make for under $15 & they can double as signs, decor & they last forever!!

This chalkboard was a DIY...See what this is made out of.. --> Chalkboard DIY

I love using tans & plaids for fall also. The dried grass in the crock is from our flower garden & the rustic farmhouse coasters were a DIY here --> DIY Wood Coasters

I hope this helps some of you wanting that cozy fall farmhouse home!! Use these simple items & you're on your way! Happy fall decorating guys!