Friday, October 2, 2015

{ DIY No-Sew Burlap Curtain }

I'm backkkk with one last post before the weekend! I thought I'd share a super simple DIY for any kitchen or room needing a little farmhouse style this season! We've been in our 2nd home over 3 years now & this is the first time changing out this kitchen curtain!!! I know that sounds crazy considering I'm a blogger  & always switching things out..This was just one of those areas that got looked over. I never disliked the black curtain my mom custom sewed when we moved in, but I needed a change. On to the second issue..I can't sew, AT ALL & yes, I have tried haha{ big THANKS to my high school friends for getting me through that class LOL}! I was photographing another project & got this notion in my head I wanted to change the current curtain..but with what?!..I had some leftover burlap in the garage & knew I had enough to make a cute little something!

How I Did It .. 

I took a 4ft piece give or take & folded it horizontally or hamburger style haha! I then folded the top open piece over about 1.5 inches . I made sure to line everything up & then I took mini safety-pins & pinned the whole top across with about 10 pins. You can't see the pins because they're tiny & after I did this I just flipped the curtain around. I then took the tension rod { or whatever rod you're using } & slipped it through the top pinned down folded over piece! 

Things You'll Need...

. Burlap
. Safety pins

See easy peasy!

I love the breeze we get through this house. I had the window open & decided to get an "action shot" haha! P.S. I'm so sorry these pictures aren't the best..Our kitchen is either really LIGHT or really DARK, but you get the idea! I just love how the burlap brightens & warms our little suburban farmhouse/cottage up for the season & bonus it was superrrr simple/affordable!  

I like to keep the kitchen area simple with just minimal accessories. The chalkboard is from Target & the Harvest Blessings & big galvanized bucket are both  from +HomeGoods ! The stool is a family treasure { my papa made it } & I spruced it up --> DIY Farmhouse Stool

Well guys it's the weekend & I'm out of the office until Monday haha jk, but seriously go enjoy this beautiful Octoberness{ new word alert hehe}  wherever you are! You can find us junkin & jeeping aimlessly while being are dorky selves this weekend ha! Real quick I wanted to say THANK YOU to all my new readers too, I seriously love you guys & hope my little practical blog is not only informative, but FUN!!