Tuesday, January 5, 2016

{ Winter Living Room Decor/ Inspiration for after Christmas!! }

I can't believe that it's already almost Wednesday!! Nothing toooo exciting going around our little abode , but I am back today to show a new piece, some styling, decor & switched around pieces for my little winter tour I've been doing this week!! Recently I got a few new pieces for our upper level & also took some pieces to the shop..I wanted a more cozy wintery feel in the living room since I'm kinda already over winter this year..I mean it's just blah with no snow...boring haha!! I also didn't want to jump the gun & start putting Hydrangeas out haha ,so I added some neutral & cute winter accessories! I'm going to keep this short { I'm tired..weird I know } , but it's picture heavy. Keep reading for some after Christmas inspiration..

- Trust In The Higher Power -

I randomly stuck this piece here while moving/ dusting the new piece & fell in love!! It looked nice with our cream entryway wall organizer etc.. It's from +HomeGoods  & I scored it for $50 ,because of a crack! 

Okay, here she is... the NEW lady in our upstairs haha! I don't know why we call our furniture finds he/she , but it's kinda funny!! My husband picked this a few weeks ago & it's been in your garage junk pile since..I needed something fresh & a bit taller for this space sooo I went "shopping" in our stash ! It worked perfect & I loved the wood stain, the scratches & aged parts especially for my little rustic winter decor I'm splashing around!!  I was going to paint it, but for now I'm loving the warm wood etc.. I might paint it & who knows it might end up at the shop too..

Crocks + winter greenery..SO simple & wintery in any space!!

Yup, those are faux vintage light bulbs ..I thought they were cute & added some wintery charm to the coffee table for some reason or another ha :) !

Should I paint "her" or leave her as is?? Comment Below guysss!

The sparkle sticks are from +Michaels Stores  a few years back. The crocks, skis,table, wire basket & frames were all free vintage finds!! The mason jar lamp was a thrifty find in the north last summer!

Yall are probably sick of seeing this piece..but it's my favorite!! I love the style, detail & color!! The white side table has been handed down to just about every family member & painted a zillion times haha. The window & tree crate were all free finds! 

See our fireplace mantel styled for winter ---> Winter Mantel

p.s. I loveee those neutral plaid pillows, until EVERYONE started purchasing them :/. I mean it's inevitable..but sometimes I need to keep my mouth closed LOL ...but then why would I be blogging?!!
Side Note: The rug is from +IKEA USA  $65!!

I hope you guys enjoyed our simply styled living room for winter!! I have another space coming tomorrow on the blog, so as always stay tuned in!! I'm curious do you guys decorate for after Christmas with "winter" decor or just wait until Valentines, Easter or spring?? Leave me a comment below - I LOVE hearing from you guys!! Thanks again for stopping in!!