Wednesday, April 17, 2019

{ Living Room Console Table Makeover }

Hey pals I did something I haven't done in quite sometime..I PAINTED a piece of furniture!! This piece isn't new to us by any means. It's been in our basement for years sitting behind the sofa. It worked nice there but never got much attention & it was an undesirable orangey wood. It's a great piece of sturdy furniture from the " Lane " Collection but was super outdated! We actually got this piece, the sofas & matching coffee table when we first moved to this house many moons ago!!! The other day after a not so great doctor appointment I needed something to calm my nerves down.  I grabbed some leftover white paint & my trusty brush & got to work. Come see the after below!


So, again I forgot to take a before picture. I did have this one from a prior post. I wish I would have gotten a proper before picture but I start things on a whim ha. 


I love the fresh cohesive look of the white!! I even noticed it made my plants look fresher ha. As you can the Ivy is flourishing while the Lemon Button Fern looks sad....


After applying two thin " worn in"  coats I let the table dry completely then applied some dark wax to the corners etc... for that rustic look. In all honesty it's not completely done, but I was sore & ready to photograph. I need to distress it & add more charm + character.


I like to call this my little garden table. It's long, sturdy & right when you walk up into the living room.  It's the perfect drop zone.


I hope you loved this fresh space. It makes me happy & with my medical stuff going on it's the little things these days.


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