Friday, February 21, 2014

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Hey! I like to update this section of the Blog periodically to promote amazing causes & organizations! 
As you all may know this section of the Blog is dedicated to our little part of trying to help abused & in need dogs ,or any animal/human for that matter! We've met some amazing { Angel Warriors } these past few months. I call them 'Angel Warriors', because they speak & act for the ones who have no voice. We worked with two amazing people Jane & Chris who work alongside the amazing Home Fur- Ever Rescue. Link Below!
Check this amazing organization out. They've not only  helped us with our rescue dogs ,but have become almost like family. It doesn't matter how much you donate even if it's $1, it's something!

**Picture property of  { The Quaint Sanctuary }


Hey, everyone! I know this doesn't have anything to do with Home Decor or Household items , but its near & dear to our hearts. These last few days I've been slacking due to having two in NEED house guest for the past 3 days! My husbands' work takes him all over the state & he also works a lot in the inner city. Here in the North we have a huge stray dog epidemic & he tends to bring them home when he can { How could you not?} So Tuesday he brought home two very thin & dirty pit-bulls. They were the cutest & sweetest dogs { most are}! My heart breaks for these babies when he brings them home. We do the best we can & set them up in his insulated garage with a mini heater & food.  When they go we PRAY they will be taken care of & LOVED! Each time it takes a piece of my heart. If it were my choice & we could.. I would adopt every animal that needed love & care!
  My point is LAWS NEED to be STRICTER on ANIMAL CRUELTY. So far we've gotten 7 dogs off the streets this year & one the following is  our Dog {Stinker}!...We're hoping for stricter laws on animal cruelty of every sort of animal, & stricter rules on breeding/ screening! Remember Animals don't have voices, BE that voice now!
Mark & Paige

** Please also keep in mind ADOPTION IS ALWAYS BETTER!

I do support/Promote & Don't Support/Promote.

*Animal Rescues/ non Breeders.
* St. Jude
* Any type of Cancer awareness 
* Homeless Adults & Teens
* Mental & Physically disabled

* All fur companies
* Sea world
*Dog racing
* Horse Racing
* Breeders
* Sports
Sport Hunting

Rescues we promote & donate to!

*Homes Fur Ever
* Dog Aide
*Their Last Resort
*Last Day Dog Rescue
* Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue
* Devoted Barn 
* A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

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