Monday, June 9, 2014

{ Nightstand to Shoe-rack }

Happy Monday folks! Hope you all had a fabulous sunny summer weekend! We had lots of fun enjoying our gazebo area off our back patio { about time } ! I 've had this little DIY in mind for quite sometime now, but didn't have the right little chest,stand, buffet etc..whatever you may to call it! Well, that all changed a few weeks ago when some thrifty little 3 drawer stand came to us! It was perfect for our back door shoe-rack redo!! I didn't mind the cheap espresso finish Target one we had ,but lets face it it's style-less & the shoes were in the open..kinda blah..! I was on a mission to finish it today even if that meant gagging from the stale barn smell coming from this little stand! I ended up sanding for 30 minutes & using three different spray paint colors/finishes to get the product the way I wanted { rustic chic }! By the end of the project I had a headache, was covered in dust & blowing spray paint out of my joke! After all that the finished project is PERFECTLY imperfect, just the way I like my decor pieces ;)!

I started first by spraying the stand down with some water & vinegar ,because it's seriously the smelliest piece of furniture I've ever worked on!! I  let the stand sit in the sun before spraying a cream spray paint all over it for a base. I then sanded, and essentially blended that color, then applied a flat white spray paint coat & repeated the first step. After these two colors were sanded & blended I used the palm sander to rough up the natural wood underneath in certain spots. The end color was a creamy grey with natural distressed undertones. The custom color process was so worth the work. Now for the inside of the stand..I took the two remaining drawers out & sprayed the whole inside with a silver metallic spray paint! I let that sit for about 15 minutes & took the palm sander to that color & roughed up that color { the paint was still a bit tacky} . Be sure to use an old pad on your sander ,because having the paint tacky will ruin your new sandpaper pad. I used an old one just enough to rough up certain areas. After this step I applied a brown 'hammered' color spray paint & it took amazing to the roughed up spots. This process was not an easy hour spray session. I used four total different colors, palm sander & elbow grease! I love how the paint treatment turned out!! It's custom & one of a kind! I will mention, I did like the before color which was plain cream that had chipped & exposed the natural wood color & in some spots the grain..but the smell & paint needed to be freshened up to say the least!! 
**Our old shoe-rack is still being used{ salvaged} he-he,but is now outside our patio door for summer shoes & my husbands dirty boots !

Smelliest piece of furniture I've had the pleasure of transforming ;)!

The inside treatment! I love how the metallic silver pops up from the brown hammered color for that distressed/aged appeal!

Three mixed & sanded colors !
Note: The finish is smooth not rough even with the chips!

Look at how much charm this little guys has!!

The Basket was a thrifty find & the silver watering can was a free garbage find! 

Water,sunglasses & key tray..grab & go ;)!

Hope you have enjoyed this charming little DIY  $5 dollar nightstand, that turned shoe-rack charmer ! This whole project cost under $20!!!


*** I am in no way sponsored or endorsed by San Pellegrino water!

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