Thursday, August 28, 2014

{ Fall is creeping our way ..:) }

I stepped outside our front door today with the cool breeze blowing & the smell of leaves & wood burning, yup Fall is on its way!! As soon as I smell Fall aromas & catch that cool breeze, you know that breeze where it's cooler outside then in?..Ya, that breeze! I know then it's time for Fall to roll around { Yay } !! I couldn't resist the beautiful flowers & bushes turning colors outside our front door ,so I cut a few stems  off & used them in our kitchen. They were so vibrant ,I  obviously couldn't  stop snapping pics !!! 

I risked my life today trying to cut some branches off - bumblebee galore! Although, I love bumblebees ,& they're  said not to sting,I was still weary ..

We all know I love my wispy grass, & I adore when it changes to brown 'wheat' like strands!! 

Prettiest little homemade bouquet ! 

Happy early weekend everyone, and be sure to enjoy the last bit of summer !!!


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