Monday, October 6, 2014

{ Our Affordable Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Revamp }

Ever feel like you need a change to  fulfill your current style in your home? Ya, I did too, so we updated our kitchen with some semi budget friendly ideas! I wanted a more glam farmhouse feeling in the kitchen so we added new knobs,faucet, hinges & some little decor touches { Stay tuned on another post for these }! This revamp wasn't in dire need ,but was worth it! 
  Little background on the kitchen space-->When we moved in over two years ago we painted the cabinets crisp Behr white & left the silver handles that the previous owners had & the brushed nickel faucet. Fast forward to the present, it was time to get rid of the brushed nickel { I love brushed nickel } ,but was going for a different look. When the faucet broke last Thursday it was the perfect sign it was time to update :) !  We headed to Home Depot & Menards  looking for a new faucet, hinges { our old ones were painted white } &new knobs! We found a great pull-down faucet by Pfister ! It was everything I  was looking for, dark oil bronzed with a copper undertone & a curved pull-down! Although the faucet was $160 It was well worth it. We ended up skipping the knobs at Home Depot & buying ours { Same finish as the faucet} from Target in a 6 pack. We saved over 7 dollars per packet buying them in the packs instead of buying them in singles !  We then went on our 'search' for the same hinges but in a different finish...what a nightmare!! We stopped & thought after the third place, we would just use mineral spirits & soak them & then spray paint! Come to find out we didn't even need to spray paint,just strip & rinse!  They came out a dark bronze color that pulled from our granite counters specs &  new knobs & faucet! This whole revamp cost about $300 & was so worth it for resale in the near future ;) & the fresh new look! 



I hope this inspires you to revamp your kitchen with some semi affordable DIY updates !


TDC Before and After

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