Monday, December 1, 2014

{ 20 year old toboggan revamp }

Happy Cyber Monday guys!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving & long weekend filled with family, friends & delicious food!  Today I'm sharing a quick little DIY project- Yay!!! My lovely husband garbage picked this 1994 toboggan & of course I was thrilled!! I knew I wanted it for our front patio Christmas display,but first it needed some TLC..

The yellow rope & faded red plastic had to go..

The Ribbon is a silky bright Christmas red that was purchased at Michales for $4, I got two wheels !

The burlap Christmas fabric was purchased at Michaels & I got about 3 yards { I had a surplus } !  I used large safety pins & just tightly wrapped the fabric around the yellow plastic seat cushion !!

I removed the yellow rope & replaced it with the red ribbon!

Here is the finished project!! I ended up not using the fabric cushion because I loved how the natural wood looked after it was cleaned up!! I ended up adding a little 'joy' moose decor & love it!! 

Note : Stay tuned to see what I use the fabric cushion seat for... ;) . I hope you enjoyed this festive little DIY !

Have a great week everyone!!

The 36th Avenue 

11 Magnolia Lane


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