Sunday, March 1, 2015

{ DIY Beer Bottle Carrot Centerpiece }

Happy Sunday funday?! I sure hope your Sunday was fun or relaxing or a mix of both! I came up with this idea randomly a few nights back about making carrots out of beer/glass bottles. I know the sound of it sounds a bit 'risky' on the DIY what the you know what, but honestly they turned out so cute! For close to nothing you can use them as Easter decor, centerpiece etc..Keep reading to see how I made these little buggers! 

Start off with whatever kind of tall glass bottles you can find or may have! The color of the glass doesn't need to be green etc..any color will work!!

I didn't have any orange paint, so I just mixed my own. Make sure the paint is somewhat thick as painting glass does require some patients & dry time. You'll need about 3 solid coats of paint on the  bottles!!

I love using these little cardboard seed planters for small paint jobs in the office. They're easy to work with & cheap from +Target 

 Make sure to tape the nape of the neck of the bottle off to ensure a clear separation.  After the paint dried I used a wire brush to go over the paint to  distress some spots & just 'shave' the paint a bit for a smoother appearance. 


I love how they look with our rustic farmhouse table runner. See how I made our runner here   DIY Farmhouse Table Runner

The tops are from some Dollar Tree flowers & dried wispy grass bundles I had ! Anything wispy & green will work just fine.

I played around with some different  options..

At first I liked the twine tied around the middle like this, but later switched to the nape of the bottle like in the pictures above thanks to my mum & her opinion!!

I really hope you guys liked this project & mini tutorial as much as I do!! It's so cute for Easter & adds that rustic/farmhouse,cottage & vintage appeal !

Have a lovely & inspired week everyone!


Persia Lou

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