Tuesday, May 26, 2015

{ Simple Sun Tea! }

Today was a warm & sunny productive Tuesday!! The heat was kicking my bum & that's when I decided to make some simple ,yet refreshing sun tea! I used to make sun tea all the time when we lived in our condo. I would set the jar out on our screened in porch & the sun would drench the jar in a matter of minutes leaving us with some delicious tea for days!! I must say I haven't made sun tea in almost 3 years , but why not today?! My grams gave me a glass mason jar dispenser so I put it to use today! For this simple recipe keep reading below...


. Glass jar
. 5-8 Regular Tea bags
. 3 tablespoons honey
.3 tablespoons sugar { Optional }
. 4 sprigs of mint
. Lemon { Optional }

** This is my own recipe, so you can tweak the above ingredients to your liking!  

Fill the jar with cold water { You can boil the water first too } & add the tea bags & mint! Let the jar sit in the sun until the water is tinted, this usually takes 1-2 hours! After the tea is done, add the honey, lemon & sugar! Put the jar in the fridge until cold . The tea will be a refreshing low calorie beverage that will last for days!

Both the lemon & mint are great for detoxing & bonus they're refreshing! You can use fresh lemon or bottled lemon { NOT from concentrate }!

Serve with some sugar free butter cookies or a light snack & you have a refreshing summery snack! After being outside with the puppies all day & spray painting I needed this!!

Have a lovely evening everyone!


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