Thursday, June 4, 2015

{ Glass Lamp Makeover }

Welcome back guys! Today I'm sharing a little DIY that I have been meaning to blog for a few weeks now! I recently changed our living room decor up a bit with some new rustic/vintage/farmhouse pieces & thought the lamps needed a change too! Our upper living room is finally exactly how I had envisioned it , only took 3 years!! I'm a firm believe that in any home, even our next one will take some time to get that "feel' or 'look' you're trying to achieve even with knowing your style. Okay, I'm off topic but that was leading up to something ha-ha. We've had the same modern shattered glass lamps since our first place! A few months after we moved in to our condo we were engaged & put them on our registry ,and that was in 2009!!! It was definitely time for an update not only because they were a bit boring , but they really didn't do anything for our farmhouse/rustic/vintage inspired cottage living room! I thought about pitching them, but was to cheap to buy new ones! I have looked for 2 plus years for new lamps & haven't found any that I would pay for!! I decided to grab some chalk paint & well keeeep reading...


This is the only before picture I have of the base & lamp up close! The shades were originally a dark charcoal gray color, but faded with time & became dingy! The bases on both this one { the larger one } and the smaller matching one { below } were still in perfect condition.

I'm going to admit something here....I didn't even tape these off!! I mean why waste the time & material when they're suppose to be rustic/cottage like, right?! :)

This is the larger of the two matching lamps! I took some white chalk paint to the base  & then distressed the glass part with a wire brush! I wasn't sure how I was going to like this, but I'm in love! They look pretty nifty at night lit up with some of the light shining through the distressed parts! Using a bit of chalk paint I was able to achieve what I was looking  for in the store for over two years!! After I distressed the base I used some brown antique wax to give it that used/chipped/cottage look! 

This is the smaller matching lamp! The shades I used are both a cream color, but not matching { You guys know I hate matching to many things ha-ha } !  I love the neutral look with the mixed in metal! I mean for under $20 in paint & about an hr of time..can't beat it!

We've changed the living room up a bit as stated above , so I'll be doing an updated summer tour soon! I've been so tired & not feeling 100% the last few days..I will get around to it in the next week or so! I hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY!! I'm so glad I decided to keep these & spruce them up & bonus saved probably at least $50!!

Happy Friday & weekend guys!


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