Sunday, November 29, 2015

{ Secret and Scents Jewelry Candles & More!! }

I can't believe Turkey day is over already!! I hope you all had an amazing time filled with family & friends and tons of your favorite food!! Since Thanksgiving is over you know what that means..less then  1 month until Christmas!!! Guys please don't cringe  haha! I know shopping for family & friends can be difficult in every aspect, but Christmas is that special time to pamper loved ones with something different & special, right? I mean spending quality time  is the most important, but lets face it sometimes gift shopping can become ridiculous..Well, today I'm sharing the perfect gift for moms, daughters, friends, co-worker, teachers..basically anyone!!! It's like you're getting two items for the price of one when you order your specialized jewelry candle!! Who doesn't love to smell yummy scents & while getting a piece of surprise  jewelry?!? 

Things I  Personally liked about Secret & Scents Candles vs. Other Brands..

1. The packaging! I've said this before ,but I'm big on presentation & even more on packaging/labels!! I usually remove labels etc..but honestly these jar candles & the labels are soo pretty & neutral I kept the label on & actually LOVE IT!!!

2. Pick your ring size!! Another big thing for me was that you could pick your ring size!!! I've ordered & received other jewel candles before & every time I would try the ring it was the wrong size..I mean that's a total bummer..right?!

3. More then just rings!! Yup, isn't that nifty? You can pick your piece of jewelry from rings to necklaces & more!!

4. The scents!! The scents they offer are amazing!! They're classic, warming & soothing scents that can be used in any part of your home!! I've noticed some of the soy candles can almost become sour or lack a great scent from the beginning. That's definitely NOT the case with Secret and Scents candles!! I'm not kidding when I opened our front door & could smell the candle { Blueberry  Cheesecake } through the package in 30 degree weather!!! It's the most fragrant  & delicious candle & I may be burning it right now while working hehe!!

I lit the candle in our guest room / doggy playroom & oh my gosh it smelled so good!!! I let the candle burn for about 2 hours before I got impatient & gently moved some of the wax around to feel for the  tinfoil wrapped jewelry! It was placed near the middle about an inch down!

Once you spot the gold tinfoil, simply blow the candle out & take a spoon ,and  gently remove it. If the wax is too disturbed just kind of mold it back into place with the spoon. You can however let the" surprise" rise to the top, but I just couldn't wait that long as I was blogging the review/process!

Let the little package cool down before eagerly finding out what your jewelry is!! The jewelry can range in value from $10- $5000!!

I chose a ring & I'm so glad I did! It's so pretty & fits well!!

Head on over to the link below & order your Secret & Scents candle now!! They're an amazing company, product & they offer more then just candles!!! 

*** Use the link below & insert the Promo Code: quaintsanctuary   for 10% off your purchase!!  

Happy Monday & happy shopping!!!


I was sponsored by Secret and Scents. All opinions are 100% my own.

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