Tuesday, November 17, 2015

{ Thrifty Tree Skirt Centerpiece Idea }

Happy Wednesday guys!! So a couple of days ago I posted our bakery inspired dining cabinet to follow along with my warm Christmas bakery/ farmhouse theme..wow now that's a description haha. Anyways I wanted a simple & warm centerpiece that was rustic, different & on the cheap since we all know I'll pry be changing it out 3 times before Christmas is over!! I'm a fan of warm, effortless, and amp; rustic  looking decor in any manner so this was perfect. I had this old traditional plushy red tree skirt laying around, so I got the ideal to use it on the table with some wintery greenery & a rustic crock!! I'm just going to say this was THE easiesttt centerpiece idea & I LOVE IT! I mean you can find tree skirts for cheap just about anywhere..Dollar Tree, thrift stores etc..I love the warm, rustic/cottageyy look! 

I love how bright & literally how simple it is! It's bold & thrifty..is there anything better? I also love it because it's easy to wash, remove or switch out!! 

The two-toned crock was also a free find!! If you see a few post back you'll see some of my collection of these vintage pots on top of the white cabinet in this post --> Bakery Inspired Corner Cabinet! . The greenery is leftover from all the years decorating & I just pulled random pieces & make a bouquet of festive pieces!! The silver platter was a thrifty gift from my mom or gram...Sorry I can't recall :/. This one is real sterling silver, but you can find these faux silver platters that are actually really cute & Dollar Tree.  The red placemats  are from Dollar Tree & the jute placemats are from Walmart!

  This whole tablescape cost under $25!!! I hope you guys liked this little idea!! It's perfect for your ever-changing table, families & well anyone!! 

See ya soon!


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