Wednesday, February 17, 2016

{ My FAVORITE Blogs & why... }

Hey everyone! I'm so glad you're back for another post with me hehe! Today I'm not sharing anything from me, but some of the most talented ladies in this little "blogland" business!! Anyone who has their own business { we both do } can tell you how  intensive both mentally &  physically it can be!! It's nice to be able to learn from others in your field & actually not only learn, but spotlight those who have exceeded in their business & these 6 ladies sure have! I have certain blogs I like to frequent for certain things..Not that I don't like to spread out or read other newer blogs { like myself }, but sometimes you like to stick with what you know & I know these 6 bloggers never disappoint in these areas I go to them specifically for! Sit back & join me for some major inspiration & highlights on these 6 creative blogs!! 

- Bedding -

Bedding is one of those areas where I'm still learning & need all the help I can get. I mean I have perfected the "messy" or casual/cozy bed, but not the crisp hotel look. Heidi on the other hand has it MASTERED!! Every time I need some bedding inspiration I go to her blog. She has the cutest bed linens, style & always so crisp, yet comfy! She definitely knows how to layer & use all the right patterns etc..

Visit Heidi's blog for more inspiration --> Home by Heidi

- Recipes -

Okay, I'm going to try my best not to eat everything in the pantry while typing this.. Julie from Redhead Can Decorate blog has the yummiest recipes ever!! I've told Julie this many of times, but every time I'm on her Instagram feed I get so hungry! Her recipes range from her Italian roots to healthy options, without sparing in the taste area! Julie's the sweetest & bonus she's a Michigan blogger ..P.S. Julie we need a meet up soon so I can stalk your gorgeous kitchen more hah ;). 

Are you guys drooling yet? I know delicious stuff right?! See more of Julie's recipes here --> Redhead Can Decorate

- Organization -

So organization unlike decorating are kind of difficult for me even though I love it. I find that I get too overwhelmed with being a perfectionist &  then get scattered{ My husband is the organizer in our abode }. I know when I need some help with organization I can always rely on Amy & Christy of 11 Magnolia Lane!! They're the most organized ladies & always with the greatest tips, affordability & glamorous style!! When I first started out blogging it was quite comical, but right away Christy was so welcoming & nice to me. They were one of the first blogs I started reading & continue to be one of my favorites for many reasons.  

I mean how's that for organization? They've mastered it for sure. Come see more of 11 Magnolia Lane & their gorgeous spaces  here --> Eleven Magnolia Lane

- Makeovers -

Makeovers are one of my most favorite post my other bloggers. I just love the before & the afters, and to see all the work put into a space that makes the owner so happy! Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick is the queen of makeover/ renovations! Every time I'm on her blog she is up to something new & they always turn out stunning!! Her kitchen, fireplace & well I could go on forever with all her upgrades to her home. I love that she is so DIY oriented & takes you along for the whole process in steps too. Along with  11 Magnolia Lane she was one of my other first time blog reads. 

 I bet you guys are ready to start some makeovers now right?!!! I mean all her updates look so simple & fresh!! Be sure to check out more makeovers on her blog at --> Thrifty Decor Chick

- Furniture -

Okay, I'm sure you all have heard of Marian from Miss Mustard Seed by now! She's the most talented furniture re-doer out there!!! Every time I'm looking to add a new piece I go directly to her blog for inspiration. Her timeless farmhouse countryside style is literally STUNNING! All the blues, greys, green & whites are so soothing in her home . She constantly has new vintage / rustic pieces & paired with the colors, unique pieces & her photography  you literally could stare alll day in AHH!  

So simple, yet stunning. Come see more of her home, paint line & blog --> Miss Mustard Seed


You know that show "Open Concept" on HGTV? Ya, me too & I'm obsessed! The sisters Ashley & Whitney are so handy it's insane!!! They can make anything & it's seriously amazing. I wish I was that handy with power tools..The wood furniture they crank out is seriously art form. It's all so rustic & affordable & bonus they include plans if you're interested in making them yourself. They literally have the whole package going on from DIY to decor. 

Come check them out if you  haven't already -->Shanty - 2 - Chic

 I really hope you guys enjoyed this post highlighting the best of the best in this blogging world/business! Be sure to check all these ladies out for all your home needs! Have a lovely Wednesday. I'll be back soon with some exciting news etc..

Thanks so much for dropping in on my little growing dream, I mean blog ;) !


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