Sunday, May 1, 2016

{ Farmhouse Decor you Should Buy @ Walmart.. }

HEYYY! I hope you guys had a lovely weekend! Ours wasn't anything fancy as it was gloomy & rainy the whole entire weekend here in the north. Oh & did I mention COLD too haha...I mean come on May get it together ha. Though it was nasty this weekend & my back is out AGAIN...{ I swear I'm falling apart or getting o l d } I did manage to have a nice little rain filled night shopping around the local Walmart with my gram & sister haha! When I say shopping I mean we were there for 3 hours killing time on our exciting Saturday night lol..We may or may not have bought tons of sweets, had cart wars & drove our 77 year old gram nuts { Don't worry she's hipper than us ..eek }!! Anyways so I started this "new" little series here on TQS with you guys about a week ago where I kinda essentially shop for you guys and tell you about new goodies, deals etc.. all at different stores I frequent. I mean lets be honest we're all busy & can't keep track of prices, places etc.. so I thought I'd help out. I needed a few things decor wise & thought I swing on down some of the isles & to my surprise I was pleasantly pleased. So it's no secret that I'm not big on Walmart for decor because they're limited in areas..BUT some of the farmhouse essentials that are oh so popular right now caught my attention!!! Farmhouse/ Cottage/ Industrial decor can be pricey, so I threw a little list together of some of the items you SHOULD pick up at Walmart on the cheap to achieve that farmhouse look. You can see the first installment of this little series of mine here ---> Shopping Kirkland's

 B a s k e t s / C r a t e s

I chose baskets & crates because lets face it they're so versatile, I'm obsessed & they add that farmhouse/ cottage or industrial look in a flash effortlessly. You can use them in the kitchen for fruit and storage, or in the living room for throws or decor. With that being said they can be quite pricey, especially the metal wire or lined ones. Walmart offers a variety for cheap ones & in two packs with many different sizes & styles. I'll take one of each please ha! 

F r a m e s

Frames are a given, they're that item that just about any home has in them. They signify warmth, love & memories shared by the people you love most. Again, with that being said they can be super pricey. I found the CUTEST ones at +Walmart  with so many cute styles, textures & of course that farmhouse charm. They had wood ones with barn doors, rope wrapped ones, distressed kinds & more!! They were all reasonably prices especially for the material & design.

G a l v a n i z e d / G l a s s  J a r s

Okay, gasp right?! I mean when I seen this section I wanted just about every single item on the shelf!!! This is like galvanized heaven & for CHEAP!! We all know how pricey anything galvanized can be, but  makes it easy to not only buy the goods, but for a fraction of the price of some of the other retailers. So many varieties & of course it adds that charming farmhouse/ cottage or industrial look. I love that Walmart makes it so easy to track goods like this down if you're not into the junkin seen or might not have the time etc... I may have to go back for more hahah!  

I really hope you guys like these little shopping trips where I highlight goods that are trendy/ hard to find etc..& of course I try to keep it practical in prices & places I highlight!

I hope you all have a lovely happy & healthy week. I'll be back with two bigger projects this week { hopefully } if my back cooperates!!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says it, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger , but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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