Wednesday, July 27, 2016

{ Summer Dining Room & New Farmhouse Table Peek.. }

Hey guys. Okay so today I was supposed to be sharing our summer dining room & our new little mini farmhouse table { before }.. & I still fully intend to do that, but & forgive me if this post is a bit jumbled. See it's 4:35am here in Michigan & I'm just now sitting down to finish this post since our lovely internet was down...Thank you +Bright House Networks  UGH! Anyways it's back up & running and with a little Alessia Cara - "Wild Things " I'm going to try & finish this post haha! So I've been mentioning via social media that in the summer I crave smaller, simpler & airy spaces..Well today I'm sharing our new tiny little 4 person farmhouse table instead of our 8-12 person square one in the dining room! See we go through dining room tables like crazy in our house, actually all furniture for that matter & I'm okay with that haha. Thank goodness most are thrifty & of course all are cottagey or farmhousey! Our last two tables I sold at the shop & our last lasttt table from +IKEA USA  is now down in the laundry room as our new folding table since it matched nicer in there! I wanted to keep with the farmhouse style so I brought up the cutest little round { I love round tables } from downstairs & decided to use it in our dining room for summer! It's super quaint, needs TLC & definitely has that farmhouse style working for it! Today I'm sharing the "before", because I may or may not have been painting it today.. I can't wait to blog the after, but for now we're going to enjoy the openness it gives in our dining room for summer. 

This "Kitchen 101" sign was a $15 DIY. You can search the top of the blog for the tutorial if you're interested in this -Tea Towel Art -!

Greenery is from +IKEA USA . Wall art from +Hobby Lobby . Wreath from +Kohl's  & mason jars from +Marshalls .The rug is from +Target


I wanted everything to be fresh & green!!! As much greenery, flowers & wood I could bring into the space I did! It just screams summer to me & it's super airy & light looking which is what summer is allll about right?!

Since the table itself is so plain, I decided a cute super rustic/ vintage centerpiece would be cute! I used some free vintage glass milk bottles, hydrangeas+lavender with a rustic pitcher set on a vintage silver cake-stand! So pretty!!!

Something simple on the chalkboard & of course my favorite feature..Our 1940's FREE barn door! You can search the top of the blog under " Barn Door Divider" to see the tutorial/post on this door!

Although I do love this little farmhouse table as is now, it does need some TLC in some spots. I think a rustic creamy white with some dark wax?! Leave me some suggestions in the comment section below! :)

I'll' be blogging the update on this little table in the next week or so! What do you guys think of this much smaller farmhouse style table in our summer dining room? I hope you guys liked this light & superrr bright { sometimes too bright } dining space!! I'm off to bed now finally..ha!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!

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