Tuesday, August 30, 2016

{ Kitchen Revamp & Our New RUGGABLE Brand Rug!! }

Alright friends today is the day I FINALLY can share progress in our kitchen revamp & our new accessory that has made life so much easier in just one week!!! We got our new +Ruggable® 2-Piece Rug System  eek! You guys know that I don't promote any product that I truly don't love or think would work in our little suburban cottage.. When I stumbled upon the Ruggable brand on good ole Instagram { links below } I knew this company was for us!!! Little back story for new readers etc.. So we have to large & very active rescue dogs that tend to skirt right past me when they come in from outside..This then leaves lovely little paw prints ALL OVER & when you're OCD with cleaning & you're a blogger that's really annoying haha! Our dining room has two entry points & the one we use the most { the sliding door } gets so much traffic that we're constantly replacing the dining room rugs to the point of my mother calling me the "rug queen" !! This patented 2 - piece system was just what we needed for this space..come see why!

The basics that set Ruggable apart from other average rugs:

  • Cling Effect Technology
  • Machine Wash/Dry
  • Nonslip
  • Stain Resistant
  • Pet Friendly
  • Changeable Covers
  • Sustainable Materials

P a d d i n g  &  C o v e r  
It looks just like any ordinary rug, but packs sooo much more than a regular rug. The non-slip pad is inside & the cover is wrapped around the outside. I simply opened the package rolled out the 100% polyester pad made from recycled fibers & then attached the 100% woven polyester cover! It literally was that easy. No gimmicks, fuss or hassle in any way. The non-slip backing is great for any surface! The cover was great to work with because of the flexibility & it required no stretching or rolling on the ends which I LOVED!! 

This was right after I laid the rug down in the dining room!

W a s h i n g  &  C a r e

You can see from the above picture that our dogs love to play on the rug in the dining room, eat doodles, run like maniacs & basically terrorize the space ha! With that being said we needed something that we could wash & not have to replace constantly! Ruggable allows us to do that easily by simply removing the thin, but durable cover & pop it in our standard home washing machine! The rugs range in sized from 2.5 x 7, 3x5, 5x7 & even 8x10 and YES even the largest size fits in your washer/dryer just like a king sized blanket!!! I mean how AWESOME is that?? 

The rugs also spot clean super easy & can be changed out with different styles for easy decor changes. The possibilities are endless especially with having pets that tend to destroy the average rug. Being able to simply pop the dirty rug in the wash so easily also can help eliminate pet odors & allergens instantly without having to spend another $100 or more on a new rug each time.

A v a i l a b i l i t y

Ruggable is available in Lowes' California stores, Select Sears & Sears.com, Kohls.com , Wayfair.com, Home Depot.com+Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores , +Diapers.com  & Fred Meyer Stores.

P r i c i n g

Prices range from $79.99 - $299.99 for a 2- piece set. This is a steal considering you can cut the cost of professional cleaning, additional safety padding, replacements & you can buy just the cover to switch out styles frequently!!

I'm honestly so happy to have been able to find this company! The rug has been comfortable, practical & not to mention the styles they offer are gorgeous!!! I'm super picky when it comes to rug styles & I took a week to pick this Floral Grey 5x7 style because I wanted them all!! I promise you'll love this new style rug for your home!  
You can see this style & MANY more @RUGGABLE.COM

Happy & healthy Tuesday!

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