Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Ohh boy just starting to write this post has me edgyyyy eek! I can't believe today I am 29!! Seriously, I'm OLD hahaha..I mean how am I 29..I'm not going to lie being 29 makes me anxious already. Ya, 29 isn't "old" really, but to me it feels that way. I think I might be feeling like this because to me it seems like life just started and there is so much left still I want to do..But everywhere I look around I see things/people are moving at 100mph. I want to stop & enjoy the simple things in life like traveling to cute quaint places with my husband, grow both our businesses more & eventually acquire more animals are maybe even have a kid if we get reallly crazy ha ;). I love adventure, but crave structure. Lately I feel like I'm all over the place & that we're so behind. We have accomplished so much & were always a few steps ahead  for our age. Now that our age group is catching up it seems we are slowing down haha. This makes me feel O L D! I think this might be the Higher Powers way of telling us to enjoy the moment and do what we love instead of life's rules of time. That last part is hard for a "planner" like myself ... I'm hoping 29 is a great year, since 28 has been super bumpy with everything new happening with us etc.. I'm ready to take on 29 with an adventurous mind & kind heart.

  • I love Writing
  • I enjoy Winter
  • Animal Advocacy
  •  I love being Blonde
  • My Husband & I have known each other since Age 8
  • Owned our first place at 20
  • I Love Photography
  • Pottery Barn crazed 
  • Horrible at Directions
  • Not Trendy
  • I dislike coffee anything
  • Hydrangeas :)

  •  CJ & Paralegal Graduate
  • Blogging is my Passion
  • My Favorite are Country Car Rides
  • I Love History
  • I Crave Coca-Cola
  • Night Owl
  • Comfy Clothes & Shoes always
  • Home Decor obsessed
  • My Jeep is my Baby
  • I hate wearing Nail Polish
  • Have been blogging for 3 years

  • I'm Simple
  • I'm Afraid of Heights
  • I get Motion Sickness Easily
  • Christmas is my Favorite. Ever
  • Love Suburban Cottage Farmhouses
  • Cucumbers are gross
  • 2007 was my Favorite year thus far
  • Drove a White Mustang as a Teen
  • Campfire or Vanilla scent 
  • Coco Lotion
  • Rescue animals
  • DIY'er

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