Tuesday, September 27, 2016

{ Simple & Rustic Fall Farmhouse Kitchen Counter Decor }

Today was our 7th anniversary here -->Our 7th Year!  & my husband surprised me with staying home majority of the day! I woke up to him kissing my face & playing with my braid which I was ecstatic about since he works A LOT!! We spent all morning snuggled in bed with the gorgeous 60 degree weather breeze blowing in, & the sunlight drenching our vanilla sheets! Seriously the simplest things make me the happiest! Although around four he did have to leave until about 8, so I decided to wash the house down & of course style something!! That something just so happened to be our kitchen counter/sink area with some cute rustic fall treasures! Mark brought home a huge tin full of goodies the other day & I decided to fill the sink & wash them all...I had no plans of styling this area in the kitchen, but after cleaning I of course had tooo haha! I ended up using a bunch of the thrifty little treasures & just some basic neutral items for fall!

These free dried grass bundles right outside our little suburban cottage that got me thinking about some fall kitchen decor..

These Schuler crocks were my biggest inspiration! My lovely hubby brought quite a few home & I loved the tan & brown neutral ones for this little chippy white stand!  The glass bottle & scale were also free vintage finds! The tiny white ceramic gourds are from +Walmart 

I wanted a pop of color so I used this black farmhouse style basket from +Michaels Stores  & placed a green & tan tea towel with some apples stacked in it! The milk bottles are from +Hobby Lobby  & the larger brown glass milk bottles are vintage.

I love how neutral, yet fall-ish this space looks! Our kitchen area is pretty simple, but these farmhouse goods added that cozy vintage charm we love! The cider & donuts sign is a DIY here -->Weathered Wood Mill Sign

I shared on my Instagram here -->TheQuaintSanctuaryIG  about this thrifty dried grass bundle! I use these from outside our front door every year & they add that fall touch for free!!!

The hanging general store sign is a DIY here -->Hanging General Store Sign

These were dollar pumpkins from last year that I spray painted. They worked in this space this year, so I used them again.. The lamps was a DIY search blog under { Glass Lamp Makeover }.

What do you guys think about these new treasures & these simple neutral fall touches?

Wishing you all a happy & healthy Tuesday!

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